Ensure Secure Digital Innovation

Increase Availability of Operations

Improve Production Efficiency

Securing The Industrial Digital Transformation

OTORIO delivers industrial-native digital and cyber risk management solutions, enabling reliable, safe and efficient digital production. OTORIO empowers secured-by-design roll-outs of industry 4.0 initiatives by making cyber-security risk-avoidance an integral part of the operational life cycle. By simplifying complex IT/OT security processes, OTORIO enables continuous management and remediation of production digital and cyber risks based on their business impact, safety, reliability and productivity


OTORIO provides a comprehensive view of the non-discrete industrial environment, ensuring that accurate information is delivered in real-time to people and equipment


Ensuring maximum operational reliability through a unique preemptive risk avoidance approach to digital risks in the production line that continuously assesses, monitors and mitigates current and future risks


Minimizing cyber-risk exposure, OTORIO helps its customers to maximize productivity by embracing digital production solutions with zero cyber-related downtime

A Cyber-confident Industry

Oil & Gas








End-to-end Industrial Cyber-security Solutions

RAM² - Digital Risk-based Management for Industry 4.0

Operational Continuity for Digitized Industrial Networks

With OTORIO’s Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Management (RAM²) solutions, operational teams are empowered to manage industrial cyber risks via intuitive dashboards that are fully correlated with specific industrial processes.


Professional Cyber-security Services

Digital Risk-Based Management Services

Delivered by an experienced team of OT cyber experts with a deep understanding of the automation engineer’s daily environment, and include Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Penetration Testing and Cyber Analyst-as-a-Service.


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