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Exploiting IP-video Surveillance Systems Is Not Only a Cybersecurity Threat 29 Nov 2023
A new vulnerability in Qognify NiceVision discovered by OTORIO exposes facilities to physical and cybersecurity threats.
Reinforcing Defense in Depth (DID) in OT environments 20 Nov 2023
How to use multiple defense layers in an OT environment? OTORIO Field CTO, Matan Dobrushin, shares key insights from our research on implementing the DID model.
Hijacking ABB 800xA Communication for Admin Privileges 13 Nov 2023
OTORIO research exposes vulnerabilities in default-configured 800xA DCS installations and the potential for unauthorized modifications.
Aligning Operational Risk and Business Objectives 25 Oct 2023
How to achieve OT security maturity by aligning risk management strategy and business objectives, including robust security policies and team training.
The Journey Towards OT Security and Operational Resilience 16 Oct 2023
Risk mitigation and operational resilience are essential parts of a comprehensive OT security strategy that proactively addresses the cyber risks posed by the rapidly changing OT landscape. Here are some tips to get there.
Risk Assessment and Cyber Hygiene in an Interconnected World 09 Oct 2023
Cyber hygiene practices help safeguard operational environments in an era where OT is more digitally connected than ever before.
Protecting Critical Infrastructure With OT Risk Management 02 Oct 2023
Learn how to build a comprehensive OT security strategy for critical infrastructure using a holistic risk-based approach to protecting interconnected physical and digital components.
Plugin spotlight: Firewall Configuration Analyzer 18 Sep 2023
Discover how the Firewall Configuration Analyzer plugin can help you address security challenges and integrate natively with various IT, OT, and security systems.
Exploiting Automation License Manager using DFS for PCS 7 Takeover 12 Sep 2023
Learn about Siemens ALM critical vulnerabilities that can lead to Remote Code Execution and full file access, impacting various devices.

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