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Plugin spotlight: Firewall Configuration Analyzer 18 Sep 2023
Discover how the Firewall Configuration Analyzer plugin can help you address security challenges and integrate natively with various IT, OT, and security systems.
Exploiting Automation License Manager using DFS for PCS 7 Takeover 12 Sep 2023
Learn about Siemens ALM critical vulnerabilities that can lead to Remote Code Execution and full file access, impacting various devices.
Why Lie About Attacking Bazan Group - Oil & Gas Company? 31 Jul 2023
Bazan group wasn't attacked, so why did the Iranian cyber gang Cyber Avengers falsely claim they breached the Israeli Oil & Gas company?
Why is Cybersecurity Important for Oil and Gas? 30 Jul 2023
Discover why cybersecurity is important for the oil and gas industry and how Energy companies can build cyber resilience.
Access Control Systems Are Not as Safe as You Think 30 Jul 2023
Axis A1001 Door Controller vulnerability exposes facilities to physical and cybersecurity threats. How can we stop attackers from gaining unauthorized access?
Ensuring Cybersecurity for Electric Utilities 11 Jul 2023
Why does Electric Utilities need to protect everything they operate and how can they achieve it?
Move Beyond NERC CIP Compliance for Utilities 30 Jun 2023
OTORIO enables electric utilities to move beyond NERC CIP to build robust OT security.
Safeguarding the Electrical Grid 28 Jun 2023
Electric grids are key critical infrastructure components. To protect them against continually evolving threats, generators, transmitters, and distributors...
Back to Basics Guide to SSH Tunneling 27 Jun 2023
Explore SSH Tunneling in this informative article that explains what tunneling is and demonstrates simple ways to do it in several ways.

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