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Sierra Wireless AirVantage and AirLink Router Vulnerabilities 05 Jun 2023
Vulnerabilities in Sierra Wireless AirVantage cloud-based management platform and AirLink series of routers disclosed and mitigated.
Navigating Risks and Gains in Industry 4.0 24 May 2023
Interconnecting IoT and OT optimize efficiency, but the cybersecurity risks are high.
RCE on InHand Networks Cloud-Managed Routers 22 May 2023
Research discovers vulnerabilities in the cloud management platform, InRouter devices.
Teltonika Cloud Takeover Vulnerability Exposed 15 May 2023
Vulnerabilities in Teltonika's RMS and RUT model routers affect thousands of internet-connected devices worldwide.
Protect OT Using OTORIO Risk Mitigation Patent 07 May 2023
OTORIO's newly patented risk simulation model and attack graph analysis provide a unique approach to quantifying and managing risk.
Key Challenges and Priorities of OT Cyber Security 2023 19 Apr 2023
ServiceNow & OTORIO survey C-suite insights confirm rising concerns for OT security, and highlight key challenges and priorities for 2023/24.
Importance of Continuous OT Cybersecurity Assessment in a Changing World 21 Mar 2023
The need for robust OT security practices continues to grow as the threat landscape for IT-IoT-OT security continues to evolve.
Critical Infrastructure Security at the Center of New US National Cybersecurity Strategy 07 Mar 2023
Biden's new US cybersecurity strategy stresses the importance of working proactively and strategically to defend critical infrastructure.
OT Security a Year Into Russia's War Against Ukraine 28 Feb 2023
During the first four months of 2022, researchers identified more destructive malware attacks on Ukraine by Russia than in the previous eight years.
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