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Plugin spotlight: Firewall Configuration Analyzer 18 Sep 2023
Discover how the Firewall Configuration Analyzer plugin can help you address security challenges and integrate natively with various IT, OT, and security systems.
Exploiting Automation License Manager using DFS for PCS 7 Takeover 12 Sep 2023
Learn about Siemens ALM critical vulnerabilities that can lead to Remote Code Execution and full file access, impacting various devices.
Why Lie About Attacking Bazan Group - Oil & Gas Company? 31 Jul 2023
Bazan group wasn't attacked, so why did the Iranian cyber gang Cyber Avengers falsely claim they breached the Israeli Oil & Gas company?
Why is Cybersecurity Important for Oil and Gas? 30 Jul 2023
Discover why cybersecurity is important for the oil and gas industry and how Energy companies can build cyber resilience.
Access Control Systems Are Not as Safe as You Think 30 Jul 2023
Axis A1001 Door Controller vulnerability exposes facilities to physical and cybersecurity threats. How can we stop attackers from gaining unauthorized access?
Ensuring Cybersecurity for Electric Utilities 11 Jul 2023
Why does Electric Utilities need to protect everything they operate and how can they achieve it?
Move Beyond NERC CIP Compliance for Utilities 30 Jun 2023
OTORIO enables electric utilities to move beyond NERC CIP to build robust OT security.
Safeguarding the Electrical Grid 28 Jun 2023
Electric grids are key critical infrastructure components. To protect them against continually evolving threats, generators, transmitters, and distributors...
Back to Basics Guide to SSH Tunneling 27 Jun 2023
Explore SSH Tunneling in this informative article that explains what tunneling is and demonstrates simple ways to do it in several ways.
OTORIO Uncovers Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000 Controller Vulnerabilities 26 Jun 2023
OTORIO research uncovers vulnerabilities in the Power Focus 6000 Torque Controller used in manufacturing and industrial companies.
DCS and SCADA Security Under The Spotlight 23 Jun 2023
OTORIO research team shares DCS/SCADA risks and mitigations with their top 10 steps to improve security and secure industrial processes.
The OT Security Evolution 13 Jun 2023
As industries evolve and become more digitized, there is a greater need for improved security measures that reduce risk.
5 Cyber Attack Motives Your Industry May Face 06 Jun 2023
Malware doesn’t shut down plants, people do. Learning about the people behind the industrial cyber-attacks will help to prevent the next cyber disaster.
Sierra Wireless AirVantage and AirLink Router Vulnerabilities 05 Jun 2023
Vulnerabilities in Sierra Wireless AirVantage cloud-based management platform and AirLink series of routers disclosed and mitigated.
Navigating Risks and Gains in Industry 4.0 24 May 2023
Interconnecting IoT and OT optimize efficiency, but the cybersecurity risks are high.
RCE on InHand Networks Cloud-Managed Routers 22 May 2023
Research discovers vulnerabilities in the cloud management platform, InRouter devices.
Taking OT Digital and Cyber Security to the Next Level with a Risk-Based Approach 16 May 2023
In a world where threats constantly arise and exposures are identified, organizations must have a clear view of their operational security posture and a feasible action plan to continuously improve it.
Teltonika Cloud Takeover Vulnerability Exposed 15 May 2023
Vulnerabilities in Teltonika's RMS and RUT model routers affect thousands of internet-connected devices worldwide.
Protect OT Using OTORIO Risk Mitigation Patent 07 May 2023
OTORIO's newly patented risk simulation model and attack graph analysis provide a unique approach to quantifying and managing risk.
Key OT Security Challenges and Priorities for 2023 19 Apr 2023
ServiceNow & OTORIO survey C-suite insights confirm rising concerns for OT security, and highlight key challenges and priorities for 2023/24.
NERC CIP Compliance + Risk Management - It's not Black and White 03 Apr 2023
Compliance requirements have done a lot to increase awareness and drive investment, but the question remains – Does compliance guarantee that effective security is in place?
Why OT Security Assessments Are Challenging but Crucial 21 Mar 2023
The need for robust OT security practices continues to grow as the threat landscape for IT-IoT-OT security continues to evolve.
Critical Infrastructure Security at the Center of New US National Cybersecurity Strategy 07 Mar 2023
Biden's new US cybersecurity strategy stresses the importance of working proactively and strategically to defend critical infrastructure.
OT Security a Year Into Russia's War Against Ukraine 28 Feb 2023
During the first four months of 2022, researchers identified more destructive malware attacks on Ukraine by Russia than in the previous eight years.
NERC CIP is More Relevant Than Ever 15 Feb 2023
In this post, we’ll take a closer look at NERC CIP, discuss why the framework is especially relevant in today’s turbulent cyber climate and see how companies can simplify their compliance with it.
Wireless IIoT Security: The Elephant in OT Environments 09 Feb 2023
Latest OTORIO research to be presented at S4x23 points to wireless IIoT vulnerabilities that provide a direct path to internal OT networks, enabling hackers to bypass common protection layers in operational and industrial networks.
OTORIO Research Team Uncovers RCE affecting Siemens Servers Including PCS 7 06 Feb 2023
Critical vulnerabilities in Siemens ALM puts multiple Siemens products at high risk of breach, RCE uncovered by OTORIO researchers.
Sierra Wireless Airlink ACEmanager Vulnerabilities 30 Jan 2023
OTORIO researchers uncovered two vulnerabilities affecting certain Sierra Wireless wireless IIoT devices.
Secure by Design Technology: CISA and OTORIO Agree 24 Jan 2023
A look at the CISA Director's recent comments on why technology needs to be secure by design
GAO Critical Infrastructure Report on IoT: Key Recommendations 04 Jan 2023
Our Field CTO shares OT security insights for critical infrastructure entities to maintain operational resilience.
2023 OT Security New Year's Resolutions 27 Dec 2022
Our CEO shares important advice on how your organization can implement an effective OT security plan in 2023.
Real-World Pulp and Paper OT Security Risk Management 20 Dec 2022
Which OT security risks do pulp and paper companies face, and how can extended asset visibility help address them?
2022 Cyberattacks on Operational Environments: What They Mean for 2023 14 Dec 2022
A look at some of the most prominent cyberattacks in 2022 on critical infrastructure and industrial manufacturing.
Why the Pulp and Paper Industry Can't Overlook OT Security 06 Dec 2022
Whether producing paper, boards, or tissue, pulp and paper industry machinery increases a manufacturer’s digital attack surface.
Country-Specific ICS Targeting: Shining a Light on GhostSec 28 Nov 2022
GhostSec hacktivists are performing country-specific targeting of ICS and PLC devices used by critical infrastructure.
Takeaways from ManuSec USA 2022 10 Nov 2022
What industrial manufacturing cybersecurity issues were top of mind for attendees at ManuSec USA?
OTORIO Awarded IEC 62443 Certification for Industrial Cybersecurity 31 Oct 2022
OTORIO's IEC 62443 certification highlights our commitment to internationally recognized cyber security standards and best practices.
OT Security Issues for Industrial Manufacturers to Consider 25 Oct 2022
Join OTORIO at the ManuSec USA Cyber Security for Manufacturing Summit in Chicago on November 2-3, 2022.
Safeguarding Germany’s Industrial Manufacturing & KRITIS 19 Oct 2022
Why German industrial manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators face greater OT security risks and regulatory compliance.
Bridging the Security Gap Between IT & OT Teams 12 Oct 2022
Industrial organizations must close the skills gap between opertaional teams and SOC analysts to successfully implement a proactive, comprehensive security solution.
GhostSec Now Targeting Iranian ICS in Support of Hijab Protests 06 Oct 2022
GhostSec attackers target Iranian ICS; their capabilities appear to be growing stronger with each new event.
Using Threat Likelihood to Comprehend and Focus Risk: Taking OT Digital and Cyber Security Posture Assessment to the Next Level 20 Sep 2022
How to achieve accurate risk estimations and prioritize mitigations? Maintaining a list of potential threats is important for posture assessment in addition to ongoing monitoring use cases.
5 Essentials for a Complete Industrial OT Security Solution 15 Sep 2022
From asset visibility to proactive, contextual risk awareness and more, here are 5 essentials for a complete industrial OT security solution.
GhostSec Strikes Again in Israel Alleging Water Safety Breach 14 Sep 2022
OTORIO's Research team reveals how a hacktivist group allegedly 'breached' a water controller in Israel
Pro-Palestinian Hacking Group Compromises Berghof PLCs in Israel 06 Sep 2022
OTORIO's Research team reveals how the GhostSec hacking group compromised 55 Berghof PLC devices in Israel.
Proactively Manage Digital Risks for Resilient Operations 30 Aug 2022
How can industrial organizations enhance the ROI of their IDS-only solutions and empower their teams to build resilient operations?
How to Avoid 5 Pitfalls of IDS-Only OT Security Solutions 16 Aug 2022
See why relying solely on an intrusion detection system (IDS) leaves gaps in your OT security, making industrial operations more vulnerable to attack.
Case Study: Eliminating Alert Fatigue, Adding OT Risk Context 09 Aug 2022
OTORIO helped an oil refinery eliminate alert fatigue and prioritize risk alerts with contextualized OT security insights
Refining Posture Scoring with Impact 21 Jul 2022
How and why should you determine and quantify the business impact of an asset? See why building a systematic approach to quantifying an industrial asset's business impact is valuable.
Europe’s LNG Supply Chain Insecurity, Russia, and Cyber Risk 19 Jul 2022
Europe’s reliance on Russia for liquid natural gas (LNG) is at a critical juncture. Global refineries and distributors assisting Europe must manage their OT and IT security risks effectively.
Ransomware Risks for the Food & Beverage Industry 07 Jul 2022
Food producers and beverage makers have become some of the preferred targets of ransomware attackers. As a critical infrastructure industry, how can food and beverage manufacturers manage risk effectively for their OT security and converged networks?
GigaOm: OTORIO a “Future-Proof Investment” for IIoT Security 31 May 2022
In the newly released GigaOm Radar Report on Industrial IoT (IIoT) Security, OTORIO was recognized as “the lone outperformer and pioneer among the vendors” analyzed in the report.
Enhance Your Security Posture Assessment with OT Vulnerability Management 19 Apr 2022
Only by repeatedly performing this risk assessment loop can companies achieve business resilience, and do so using a limited amount of resources.
Critical Infrastructure & CISA’s New ICS-SCADA Malware Alert 14 Apr 2022
CISA's OT security alert (AA22-103A) about malware that hackers use to target ICS - SCADA devices highlights the value of a risk-based OT/IT/IIoT security approach for critical infrastructure and industrial facilities.
A Perfect Cyber Storm Against Critical Infrastructure 04 Apr 2022
Over just ten recent days, we’ve witnessed no less than three significant OT security events that impact critical infrastructure. Collectively, they are a ‘perfect cyber storm’ highlighting known and unknown supply-chain vulnerabilities.
2 New Vulnerabilities Discovered in GE’s CIMPLICITY Servers 23 Feb 2022
Earlier this week, GE Digital published 2 advisories of vulnerabilities in GE’s SCADA/HMI product - Proficy CIMPLICITY that were discovered by OTORIO’s research team.
Cyberwarfare is Happening Today. Critical Infrastructure is in the Crosshairs. 02 Feb 2022
Today, cyberattacks against critical infrastructure are being used strategically to foment and influence the course of political conflicts. Cyber defense of critical infrastructure has become a key component of national security for all nations.
Top Five Challenges of Existing OT Cybersecurity Solutions 24 Jan 2022
Many CISOs from leading industrial organizations feel like they are not receiving the best value from their existing cybersecurity solutions. Why do existing OT security paradigms fail to deliver on their promise? Here are the top five reasons...
A House of Cards: Shoring Up the OT Digital 11 Jan 2022
The OT Digital Supply Chain is exposed - read this post to find out how this trend is moving forward and how organizations deal with it.
Two Weeks into Log4J vulnerability – What’s the Takeaway for OT Networks? 22 Dec 2021
How does the Log4J vulnerability affect OT networks, in general and how mitigate the risk?
Research: Nearly 70,000 Sensitive Industrial Control Systems Exposed 03 Nov 2021
Even our researchers at OTORIO were overwhelmed to discover nearly 70,000 ICSs IPs exposed to the internet in their recent research.
13 Vulnerabilities Discovered in a Widely Used Industrial Router 11 Oct 2021
OTORIO’s Pen Testers discovered 13 highly severe vulnerabilities in one of InHand’s industrial routers
Four Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in Bosch Rexroth WEB Interfaces 04 Oct 2021
With criticality scores of 10 and 8.6, these vulnerabilities are easy to exploit and allow unauthenticated attackers to penetrate and take over industrial control systems.
RaaS Strikes Again: A Ransomware Attack on Another Critical Infrastructure Operator 06 Aug 2021
The RaaS business model is a subscription-based model that works in a manner similar to Software as a Service (Saas) business models.
IT/OT Convergence Gains First Unified Cyber Security Solution 28 Jul 2021
OT, IT, and IoT are rapidly converging. All three domains are under increasing threats that steal vital information, halt production, and even put human lives at risk. The era of treating their cybersecurity needs separately is coming to a close.
Can a Simple Human Error Cost Your Company $50 Million? 23 Jul 2021
While Saudi Aramco is deep in the throes of a dangerous data leak and ransom demand, cybersecurity pros manning the gates at other critical industrial facilities had better consider the ramifications for their own company’s well-being and right away.
Selecting the Best Industrial Cyber-security Vendor 18 Jun 2021
Choosing the right security vendor for your company is a handful, especially in “insecure-by-design” environments like ICS/OT which require the highest level of expertise
The White House: No Company Is Safe From Being Targeted By Ransomware 04 Jun 2021
The letter sent out on June 3rd by the US National Security Council's top cyber official, less than a week after the DHS/TSA directive, leaves no doubt: No company is safe from being targeted by ransomware.
Cybersecurity Legislation 2021: The US Government Against Ransomware 03 Jun 2021
The recent flood of serious ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure targets – with the latest being the attack on Colonial Pipeline - has led the US government to turn up the heat on critical infrastructure cybersecurity measures.
Yet Another Large Packing Company Disrupted by a Cyberattack 27 May 2021
In 2021, the damage caused by cyberattacks has moved beyond data breaches and financial costs, to production shutdowns and severe operational disruptions.
It Takes a Village to Secure the Cyberspace 18 May 2021
We have a responsibility to share our experience and collaborate with the wider industrial cybersecurity community.
Colonial Pipeline Ransomware: Part of a Growing Trend of Industrial Cyberattacks 09 May 2021
200% Increase in Disruptive Industrial Cyber Attacks in Q1 2021
White House Highly Concerned about Critical Control System Cybersecurity 14 Apr 2021
In this blog, we will review four of the main concerns expressed by the two US cybersecurity leaders and we will offer advice on how they can best be addressed.
Ransomware: Hospitals and Healthcare are Targets 01 Apr 2021
The explosion of ransomware attacks against healthcare provider networks demands a rethinking of cyber response policy.
Maritime Port Cyber Security: The Achilles Heel of the Global Economy 18 Mar 2021
Read this Blog to learn why securing the industrial networks, that control the world’s physical ports, demands a different type of maritime cybersecurity approach.
The Predictions Were Right: In 2021, Ransomware will Physically Impact Operations 15 Mar 2021
The trend of increasing ransomware attacks continues in 2021. Read about a few of the major operational disruptions that happened in the last 3 months.
Why We Integrated MITRE ATT&CK into RAM² Industrial Risk Management Platform 11 Mar 2021
In this blog, we’ll take a quick look into what MITRE ATT&CK is, and why we felt it was important enough to tie so closely to our RAM² solution.
OTORIO’s Pen-Testers discovered more than 20 vulnerabilities in a popular Industrial Remote Access Solution 02 Mar 2021
OTORIO’s Pen-Testers discovered more than 20 vulnerabilities in the MBConnect remote access solution. Attackers can disrupt production by exploiting these vulnerabilities.
Kia Ransomware Attack: Part of an Automotive Cyberattacks Trend? 18 Feb 2021
The recent KIA Ransomware attack is not the first cyberattack targeting automotive manufacturers
Florida’s Water Poisoned by Hackers: A Warning Signal 10 Feb 2021
We should consider the attack on Florida water systems a warning signal. What can we do to prevent a successful attack? Be proactive
Ransomware: The Cyber Attacks on The Automotive Industry 09 Feb 2021
Attacks across all sectors are growing bolder, more frequent, and exponentially more expensive. A recent report found that ransomware attacks targeting the industry were second only to those targeting government in prevalence.
OTORIO Unveils a GE-CIMPLICITY Security Hardening Open-Source Tool 02 Feb 2021
Today we are releasing a new Windows hardening tool for one of the most commonly used HMI/SCADA systems: GE Digital’s CIMPLICITY.
Cyber Criminals Leave Stolen Phishing Credentials in Plain Sight 22 Jan 2021
OTORIO researchers joined forces with Check Point Research to analyze a large scale phishing campaign.
Ransomware: Is Industry Ready? 21 Jan 2021
In 2020, manufacturing and industry were increasingly in the crosshairs of ransomware threat actors. Attacks are growing bolder, more frequent, and exponentially more expensive.
The Two Sides of the OT-Security Equation 18 Jan 2021
In today’s volatile cybersecurity climate, the only way to truly mitigate damage is to prevent it. The question is, how?
2021 Cyber security predictions: These two words should keep security experts up at night 14 Dec 2020
Cyber security predictions for 2021 and the two words that should keep you up at night.
What We’ve Learned from the Dec 1st Attack on an Israeli Water Reservoir? 03 Dec 2020
On December 1st, 2020, an Iranian threat-actor published a video of a breach in an Israeli reclaimed water reservoir HMI system.
If You’re Insuring an Industrial Company, Watch Its Supply Chain Too 02 Nov 2020
Insurers dealing with supply chain cybersecurity should be aware of the risks in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.
Cybersecurity Threats Facing the Oil & Gas Sector 14 Oct 2020
This blog post gives an overview of how easy it is to perform cyberattacks on the oil and gas sector.
Operational Resilience Management & Assessment: A Brave New World 08 Oct 2020
Given that digital and cyber risks are on the rise, it's time to change old cybersecurity paradigms and adopt operational resilience management.
Ransomware in Industrial Networks: Are Insurance Payouts Still Viable? 29 Sep 2020
The explosion of ransomware attacks against industrial networks demands a rethinking of cyber insurance ransomware response policy.
How to Define Industrial Security Systems Testing Criteria 23 Sep 2020
How to define industrial security systems testing criteria and choose an attack scenario tool.
Two Critical Configuration Issues Discovered in Siemens DCS System 17 Sep 2020
OTORIO Cybersecurity Research and OT incident response team recently discovered two critical issues in the way Siemens’ PCS 7 DCS systems are configured.
IT vs OT security: The Operational Technology Guide For Professionals 01 Sep 2020
As industrial systems (OT) continue to digitize, IT security teams should get to know the new OT environment and how it differs from IT.
How Cyber Criminals Collect Confidential Intelligence on Industrial Victims 26 Aug 2020
In this blog post, we present some of the ways cyber criminals collect information about their victims in order to initiate a harmful attack.
OT's Journey Towards Automation & Automated Risk Metrics 26 Jul 2020
The next generation of OT security solutions should fuse asset discovery with automated and operation context risk metrics.
Industrial Security Bulletin - Week 29 - July 21, 2020 21 Jul 2020
Ransomware attacks continue to make headlines in this week's edition of the Industrial Security Bulletin. 
Industrial Security Bulletin - Week 28 - July 14, 2020 14 Jul 2020
3 major industrial companies have been attacked by maze ransomware and 3 new ICS vulnerabilities were mitigated for week 28.
Understanding the Ransomware Victim Profile (Part Two) 02 Jul 2020
The earlier a company understands its ransomware "victim profile”, the better it can prepare for a potential attack.
Understanding the Ransomware Victim Profile (Part One) 29 Jun 2020
Understanding how ransomware attacks work is the key to dealing with them, and perhaps, preventing them altogether 
OTORIO Discovered a Vulnerability in a Critical Operational Technology System 18 Jun 2020
In the advisory, OSIsoft reported a vulnerability that affects their PI System, a data management platform that accesses a broad range of core OT network assets in its sites. 
ICS Cyber Security - The Risk of Exposed ICS to Industrial Companies 10 May 2020
Internet connectivity allows manufacturers to improve efficiency and improve profitability. The flip-side is exposing ICS's to the internet - and to cybercriminals. 
Industrial Cyber-Security During COVID-19: From a Hackers’ Paradise to Resilient Remote Operations 04 May 2020
The increased remote work triggered by COVID-19 caught industrial security teams off guard. To continue production without compromising cyber-security, follow our experts’ recommendations.
Cyber Criminals Extend their Global Reach to More Industries 01 May 2020
Cyber-criminals are expanding their global reach and targeting more industries than ever before. Threat actors are creating new industrial victims.
Coronavirus: Time for Remote Connection Solutions for ICS 26 Mar 2020
The new reality imposed by Coronavirus has limited face-to-face interactions, forcing industrial companies to shift to remote operations.
Safe Digitalization Principles for Manufacturing SMBs in face of COVID-19 20 Mar 2020
COVID-19 is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Yet for manufacturing SMBs who are open to new digital strategies, it entails a unique opportunity (part 2 of 2).
COVID-19 is a Wake-up Call for Manufacturing SMBs 18 Mar 2020
COVID-19 is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Yet for manufacturing SMBs who are open to new digital strategies, it entails a unique opportunity (part 1 of 2).
Industrial Security Bulletin (Feb '20) 09 Mar 2020
Lemon Duck hits masses of machines running EoS Win7; US gas compression plant attack, OT disrupted;  Ransomware halts Canadian paper producer.
Ransomware Targeting Industry 4.0 27 Feb 2020
Clop ransomware evolved from targeting individual Windows users to enterprises and has now evolved further to target industrial companies.
OTORIO Identified a Vulnerability in Siemens Devices Used for Critical Infrastructure 11 Feb 2020
The newly-identified vulnerability lays in the implementation of the Profinet stack with implications for a variety of industrial verticals.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Jan '20) 10 Feb 2020
Snake ransomware targets ICS, Ryuk hits Oil & Gas facilities, Data breach in Mitsubishi Electric, a key player in EU energy hit by a trojan.
Snake: Industrial-focused Ransomware with Ties to Iran 28 Jan 2020
OTORIO researchers flag an Iranian connection in a new strain of ransomware aimed at disrupting the activity of Industrial Control Systems (ICS).
Why We Need to Prepare for an Iranian Cyber Attack on ICS 06 Jan 2020
Iran has proven capabilities to launch cyber-attacks on ICS, and with the tension rising, industrial companies would be wise to be prepared.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Dec '19) 06 Jan 2020
Ransomeware hit US Maritime facility, an attempt at BMW and Hyundai secrets, IoT malware targets ICS, Siemens scammer sent to jail.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Nov '19) 09 Dec 2019
India’s largest nuclear power plant hit by a cyber-attack, global oil & gas sector affected by botnets, FBI warns the US Automotive sector.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Oct '19) 04 Nov 2019
Pilz hit by a Ransomware attack, Massive IT disruption paralyzes Porsche production, Russian hackers cloak attacks using Iranian group.
Manufacturers Unknowingly Leak Classified Project Files 29 Oct 2019
New research by OTORIO discovers highly sensitive information publicly available online belonging to some of the largest industrial companies in the world.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Sep '19) 07 Oct 2019
First-ever DoS cyber-attack on A U.S. power grid, U.S. Utility is a target of LookBack malware, and Airbus suffered a series of cyberattacks.
DoS Attacks Used as Smoke Screens, and How to Prevent Them 10 Sep 2019
DoS attacks are known for disrupting systems by flooding them with traffic, but sometimes that is not the only objective. Here is what can be done about it.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Aug '19) 09 Sep 2019
Spear-fishing on US utilities companies; Ukrainian power systems utilized by employees to mine cryptocurrency.
Industrial Security Bulletin (July '19) 05 Aug 2019
Ransomeware at a Johannesburg-based Power company, WINNITI Group is targeting the German industry, and ISA introduces a new Cybersecurity Alliance.
The Five Essentials for Safe Digitalization 16 Jul 2019
In today’s competitive global market, traditional industries need a paradigm change in their cybersecurity approach to better support their ongoing digitalization.
Industrial Security Bulletin (June '19) 08 Jul 2019
TRISIS scans US power grid, Belgian aircraft parts manufacturer shutdowns because of ransomware, and the US launches Cyber-attack on Iranian weapon systems.
Industrial Security Bulletin (May '19) 10 Jun 2019
Only one significant event has been reported this month, ransomware called Robinhood.
Industrial Security Bulletin (April '19) 06 May 2019
Three days shut down at a Thai plant, two companies fall victim to the LockerGoga ransomware, and one European manufacturer hit by a paralyzing ransomware attack.
Industrial Security Bulletin (March '19) 07 Apr 2019
A $40m ICS ransomware attack, a massive personal information exposure of 3 million clients, and one of every two computers found to be affected by ICS malware.
Industrial Security Bulletin (Feb '19) 05 Mar 2019
A dramatic increase in cyber attacks on German OT networks the U.S. takes actions against cyber-threats on critical infrastructure, IoTSI releases a framework to safeguard connected cities.

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