IT-OT-IIoT Convergence with GigaOm: The Future of IIoT Security

31 May 2022

By Daniel Bren

In the newly released GigaOm Radar Report on Industrial IoT (IIoT) Security, OTORIO was recognized as “the lone outperformer and pioneer among the vendors” analyzed in the report.

An image of the GigaOm Radar on Industrial IoT Security, showing OTORIO as the lone ‘Outperformer’ and a ‘Leader.’

GigaOm’s decision to highlight OTORIO among all the IIoT vendors reviewed is extraordinary. The U.S.-based research and analysis firm produces Radar Reports to offer real-world answers to tech stakeholders. Decision-makers at critical infrastructure companies and industrial manufacturers rely on these reports to help them narrow their list of potential partners and focus on which combined OT-IIoT-IT security vendors develop and execute solutions better. 

IT-OT-IIoT Convergence is Central to Industrial Cyber Security

The GigaOm Radar on Industrial IoT Security emphasizes the centrality of IT-OT convergence for IIoT cyber security:

“It is imperative for IIoT security solution providers to cover not only the IT part of the network, but also OT devices, protocols, and services.”

This convergence and the need to adapt to it is something that we at OTORIO have been working on intensively in recent years. Digital transformation is spurring companies to implement new technology solutions in their OT networks – enhancing automation, adding smart devices, making data more efficient and available, and interconnecting networks for convenience. As part of this digital transition, and in order to make OT components more accessible while being able to collect and analyze data about them, IT and OT networks also became interconnected.

In this context, GigaOm Analyst Kerstin Mende-Stief concluded that OTORIO’s RAM² solution is “a future-proof investment for all industrial companies that cannot afford downtime, value secure supply chains, and resilient production facilities.” One reason for this determination? OTORIO “is one of a few vendors that combines both OT and IT security in one platform,” GigaOm noted. 

And not only does OTORIO thrive on the seam between IT and OT, RAM² also furthers convergence itself by “…integrating with a large number of IT and legacy OT security solutions — including those of competitors — as well as with industrial systems.”

Enabling Actionability

Data overload is a huge problem for cyber security stakeholders in general, and IIoT cyber security professionals specifically. There are too many devices reporting too many parameters with too many alerts. This makes for chaotic, crisis-driven security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions.

GigaOm recognized OTORIO for helping filter out extraneous alerts and “noise,” noting that:

“…RAM² is able to identify malicious patterns reliably by using proprietary plug-ins and engines for collection and analysis of data, as well as by collecting data from security and industrial systems in the OT network. It raises alarms about suspicious activities and proposes clear, concrete, and understandable instructions with actions and playbooks for different stakeholders to mitigate risk and protect against potential attacks.”

What’s more, GigaOm found that RAM² users “receive clear instructions on how to manage and mitigate risks to increase the security of their operational environment.”

The Bottom Line

GigaOm’s analysis concluded that with automated security and compliance risk assessment, OT and IT security and machine-lifecycle management, as well as global attack surface mapping for industrial organizations, “…OTORIO is the lone outperformer and pioneer among the vendors we looked at. The platform is a future-proof investment for all industrial companies that cannot afford downtime and value secure supply chains and resilient production facilities.”

Our team is incredibly proud to be recognized for OTORIO’s work in the IIoT security field - helping industrial manufacturers and critical infrastructure providers proactively assess, manage, and mitigate OT risks. This recognition motivates us to continue tackling cyber security challenges and innovating. Our client and partner satisfaction evidence our proven success enabling industrial organizations to proactively reduce OT digital risks, ensure business resilience, and ongoing operations. 

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