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Industrial Security Bulletin (April '19)

Industrial Security Bulletin (April '19)

06 May 2019

Cyber Attack Shuts Down Hoya Thailand Plant for Three Days

Japanese optical products manufacturer HOYA Corporation was the target of a cyber-attack in late February 2019, which led to a partial shutdown of its production lines in Thailand for three days. The company released that around 100 computers were infected with malware designed to steal user credentials and drop a cryptocurrency miner on the infected machine. The attack led to the workers being unable to effectively take care of orders, and the manufacturing capacity of the plant dropped to around 40%.
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Hexion and Momentive Fall Victim to the LockerGoga Ransomware

After the attack in late March on Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro, US-based chemical companies Hexion and Momentive announced they had also been hit by attacks that forced the companies to shut down IT systems to contain the incidents. As opposed to Norsk Hydro, both Hexion and Momentive claimed that their manufacturing process relies on a separate network than the one that was attacked, and therefore they continued operations as usual. It appears that the first victim of the LockerGoga attack was the French Altran Technologies, that was hit by ransomware suspected as LockerGoga in late January of 2019.
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Aebi Schmidt Hit by Ransomware Attack

European manufacture Aebi Schmidt was the target of a ransomware attack. The Switzerland-based airport maintenance and road cleaning vehicle manufacturer had its operations disrupted following an infection of the company’s networks. Most of the damage was to the company’s European base, but some damage even extended to its networks in the US, while various systems connected to the network were left paralyzed and inaccessible.
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