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Industrial Security Bulletin (June '19)

Industrial Security Bulletin (June '19)

08 Jul 2019

Actors Behind TRISIS Attacks Scan US Power Grid

Xenotime, the group behind the TRISIS attacks of 2017 and 2019 have been seen scanning US power grids, which may very well be the first stage of the TRISIS attacks. TRISIS has been used in two known occasions in the past, once against a Saudi oil & gas company, and once against an undisclosed oil & gas company. The recent scanning may be the first time the energy sector will have to face the malware that is designated for stopping a plant’s SIS (safety instrumented system).
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Asco Shuts Down Due to Cyber Attack

Belgian aircraft parts manufacturer Asco shuts down manufacturing around the world following a major ransomware attack. The company claimed it had to shut down production in Belgium, Germany, Canada, and the US as a precaution as the ransomware started impacting the company’s communication systems.
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U.S Launches Cyber-Attack on Iranian Weapons Systems

In retaliation for Iran shooting down a US drone in mid-June, and in response to attacks on oil tankers that the US blame Iran for, President Trump ordered a cyberattack against Iranian rocket and missile systems. The attack will be accompanied by additional sanctions on Iran, aiming to prevent the latter from obtaining nuclear weapons.
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