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OT Security Issues for Industrial Manufacturers to Consider

OT Security Issues for Industrial Manufacturers to Consider

25 Oct 2022

Prevention is crucial

American manufacturers have taken important steps towards increased technological innovations and digitization. In doing so, they have also become more susceptible to cyber threats and security risks. In today’s networked industrial environments, industrial manufacturers must rely on secure, resilient OT networks to safeguard their production facilities.

OT risks demand a proactive approach to ensure consistent operations and stay safe from cyber attacks. Post-breach reactions are too late, with far-reaching and possibly dangerous implications on the manufacturing supply chain.

Every sector is susceptible

Industrial manufacturing spans many sectors. One thing all manufacturers have in common is that most have faced real-world risks in their respective industries over the past 18 months, specifically, ransomware demands and production shutdowns.

For example, the vehicle manufacturing sector fell prey to OT security attacks. In February 2022, Toyota had to suspend operations in 28 product lines across 14 plants in Japan after a cyber attack on Kojima Industries, one of its key suppliers. The attack exacerbated an already existing vehicle manufacturing supply chain crisis.

In June 2022, the US subsidiary of Japanese automotive hose manufacturer Nichirin was hit with a ransomware attack that impacted product distribution, temporarily requiring orders to be fulfilled manually.

AGCO, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of heavy agricultural equipment and equipment fell prey to a cyber attack in May 2022. The attack affected AGCO’s systems, production, and business operations, and was part of a string of cyber attacks on the agricultural sector with the potential to disrupt the world’s food supply.

Brewing and beverage giant Molson Coors was hit by a cyber attack in March 2021 as well, according to a Form 8-K the company filed with the SEC. The attack caused delays and disruption to Molson Coors’ brewery operations, production, and shipping. Downtime related to the incident reportedly cost the company thousands of dollars every minute.

in March 2021, leading French pharmaceutical group Pierre Fabre suffered a massive cyber attack in which infiltrators demanded $25 million in ransom. The ransomware attack temporarily affected operations at Pierre Fabre, makers of products ranging from skincare to chemotherapy drugs. Safety stocks and the continuation of priority deliveries enabled the group to maintain its production of therapeutic treatments.

Cyber attackers continue to become more sophisticated, targeting every industry from vehicle manufacturing, the food and beverage industry to pharmaceuticals. That is why a proactive approach to OT security is a must.

Reduce operational risks before the next cyber attack

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