State-sponsored spear phishing campaign against U.S utilities companies

At the end of July, researchers detected malicious emails being sent to three U.S utilities companies disguised as emails from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

The spear-phishing emails contained a remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed LookBack. The researchers who analyzed the attack believe the campaign is state sponsored, based on historical campaigns, the unique delivery system, and the malware.

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Employees at a Ukranian power plant used internal networks to mine cryptocurrency 

Ukrainian Secret Service is investigating the incident and examining if attackers might have used the mining rigs as a pivot point to enter the nuclear power plant's network and retrieve information from its systems.

This incident isn't the first time that state employees have abused their access to large sources of electricity or computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

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Omri Bavly is a Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher at OTORIO with years of cyber research experience. Omri is in charge of analyzing the ICS threat landscape, researching ICS-oriented attackers, cyber attacks, vulnerabilities, tools, and more.
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