Times are changing
In today’s competitive global market, industries worldwide are digitalizing in order to maintain and expand their market presence. Traditional businesses need to adapt to the rapidly changing digital environment, else they risk obsolescence.
Introducing exciting opportunities...
Contemporary innovations such as Data Analytics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and hyper-connectivity, empower smarter factories and machines, thereby driving productivity growth and competitiveness and result in game-changing economic benefits.
...and overwhelming risks
The ever-connecting production floor is expanding the industry’s attack surface. The more digitally advanced an organization becomes, the more susceptible it is to cyber attacks, thus making safe digital operations a top challenge facing the industry today.
OTORIO is leading the safe digital transformation
OTORIO’s synergetic OT offering enables a controlled and manageable digitalization process.
Assess security controls, identify and resolve gaps in your OT security posture (technology, competence, and processes) by analyzing possible attack vectors that put the operational integrity at risk.
Continuous monitoring of the attack surface and threat landscape along with automated prioritization of security efforts, designed to resolve identified gaps, enabling effective ongoing digitalization risk governance.
Once an incident emerges, time is critical to reduce the potential impact and restore the OT network’s operational integrity without sacrificing safety conditions.
Tailored solution to fit your need
OTORIO’s holistic industrial-tailored expert services and unparalleled platforms leverage top talents and machine power.
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