Protect OT Using OTORIO Risk Mitigation Patent

07 May 2023

Increasing Resilience with a Risk-Informed Approach to OT Security


OTORIO recently secured a US patent for our renowned Cyber Digital Twin (CDT) technology. This cutting-edge solution combines our risk management model with an attack graph analysis algorithm to provide a unique risk-informed approach that sets us apart from other OT cybersecurity solutions.

The newly patented simulation model is central to the OTORIO platform, providing the core engine to quantify business risk. This risk-informed approach is vital in operational technology (OT), where cybersecurity risks can significantly affect business and operational resilience.

A Virtual Simulation Model for Comprehensive OT Security Posture Assessment

OTORIO's patent offers a unique view into the OT environment with unparalleled visibility and control over potential cyber threats, enabling our clients to stay ahead of emerging threats. It significantly contributes to business and operational resilience, thereby decreasing the likelihood of cybersecurity risk.

The OTORIO model has been crafted with the highest standards of safety and security in mind. It uses advanced mathematics, AI-driven analysis, anomaly detection algorithms, and other sophisticated techniques to identify threats and vulnerabilities in an operational environment. With its holistic approach to cyber security risk assessments, this model helps organizations reduce their overall exposure to security risks as well as maintain compliance.

The Operational Network Risk Mitigation System and Method (U.S. Patent No. 11637853) is unique in OT and distinguishes us from other types of OT security solutions

Risk-Based Approach to OT Cyber Security

The old-school way of using different vendors, manual processes, and multi-generational technology makes comprehensive OT security a complex proposition. An unwavering need to prioritize safety, productivity, and uptime means no entity can afford to compromise operational resiliency. Combining these factors significantly increases business risks, making it a challenge to map and understand their security posture and protect industrial operations.

OTORIO’s patent calculates threats by analyzing and visualizing four key components—threat likelihood, severity, vulnerability, and impact. Risk mitigation actions are prioritized according to actual exposure and potential impact on their operations to assist organizations in taking proactive measures to safeguard their critical assets and processes.

Such a risk-informed approach is the future of OT cybersecurity protection for the tech and cyber sectors, oil & gas concerns, energy, manufacturing, and utilities. It enables entities such as these to take proactive measures to safeguard their critical assets and processes.

Discover out how OTORIO's solution for oil and gas cybersecurity ensures operational continuity.

OTORIO's Cyber Digital Twin at a Glance

OTORIO's CDT technology is a secure, sandboxed model of a company’s operational environment for safe (non-intrusive) breach and attack simulations (BAS) and data-driven impact analysis. It creates a holistic visual representation of an organization’s OT network topology, identifying segmentation gaps and attack vectors to critical assets and processes. Our Cyber Digital Twin recommends practical steps for improving the security posture, such as restricting communication or hardening of specific assets. The technology prioritizes risk mitigation according to the actual exposure of a company’s vulnerable assets and the potential impact on its operations.

Cyber Digital Twin Benefits:

  • Eliminates blind spots within a company’s operational environment
  • Improves efficiency of risk-reduction efforts by prioritizing vulnerabilities and security gaps
  • Proactively removes most critical risks while providing clear, practical mitigation recommendations
  • Sandboxed analysis safely predicts the impact of potential attacks and environment changes
  • Improves ROI for existing security controls and helps optimizes processes
  • Identifies misconfigurations and offers mitigation recommendations
  • Provides immediate value via automated assessment of online and offline data
  • Minimizes noise and adds context for a better understanding of security posture


Future of OT Security Solutions

Continually innovating in the OT security market, our patented Cyber Digital Twin (aka, Operational Network Risk Mitigation System and Method) provides context to companies’ cybersecurity posture with non-intrusive breach and attack (BAS) simulations and data-driven attack vector analysis. The model identifies segmentation gaps and attack vectors to critical assets and processes, providing risk mitigation actions prioritized according to actual exposure and potential impact on operations.

Attack vector graphs give OT teams a dynamic representation of their entire network topology. Non-skilled operators have easy-to-use, visual navigation between assets, their vulnerabilities, and related interconnections. This provides context regarding the present state of their cybersecurity posture, along with prioritized, concise calls to action. These are clear and relevant to the limitations of their industrial environment (e.g., the need for alternatives to patching).

Persistent monitoring abilities empower teams to proactively manage vulnerabilities and harden security by evaluating the likelihood of incidents across all assets, threats, and potential scenarios. Any variations in their overall security posture serve as a clear signal for proactive measures, enabling them to stay ahead of emerging threats and safeguard their organization’s operational technology.


Benefits of Holistic OT Security Strategy

OTORIO helps companies realize an integrated, holistic security strategy for industrial control systems (ICS) and cyber-physical systems (CPS). Consideration of business context/impact is central to our risk management model. Providing comprehensive graphs, our attack vector analysis uses threat (i.e., likelihood, severity) and exposure (i.e., vulnerability, impact) to assess business vulnerability.

  • To protect operational technology round-the-clock, we employ industry-standard metrics, proprietary algorithms, and deep domain knowledge to lay the groundwork for a simple yet robust risk model that continually monitors and assesses a company’s entire network.
  • Vulnerability scoring adheres to the NIST CVSS system; this avoids any need to rescore all common vulnerabilities while also complying with the industry standard.
  • The comprehensive OTORIO platform empowers OT teams to take control of their security posture and eliminate the most critical risks to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operations.

Please view our press release for more information on the patent announcement.