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Ransomware: Is Industry Ready?

Ransomware: Is Industry Ready?

21 Jan 2021

In 2020, manufacturing and industry were increasingly in the crosshairs of ransomware threat actors. Attacks are growing bolder, more frequent, and exponentially more expensive. A recent report1 found that ransomware attacks targeting industry were second only to those targeting government in prevalence.

From steelmakers2 to automakers to shipping companies, and even pharmaceuticals facilitating clinical trials on a COVID-19 vaccineindustry is under attack. One reason? Attackers have identified the industrial segment as less prepared and more vulnerable than the enterprise market, and they are exploiting it.

Even more worrisome, ransomware groups are increasingly adopting more sophisticated techniques to threaten manufacturing operations. Notably, we’re seeing more frequent incorporation of code that seeks out and exploits vulnerabilities in industrial control systems (ICSes) and can spread from IT networks to OT networks.

The holiday season is upon us, and the pandemic is still raging. Yet even as security mindshare may be spread thin, this remains perhaps the most dangerous time of the year for OT networks. Industry has never been more vulnerable, ransomware threat actors have never been so vicious, and the stakes have literally never been higher.

To help industrial network stakeholders make sense of this threat landscape, OTORIO will hold a webinar next week providing all the information OT security professionals need to prepare for, mitigate and avoid ransomware attacks.

Industrial Ransomware and You

What every industrial professional needs to know about ransomware

The threat of ransomware has spread from IT to OT, making industrial networks targets due to their potential to impact the company's ability to make money. In this webinar, we present a comprehensive and concise tour of all you need to know about industrial ransomware.

You will learn about:

  • The two likely attack locations of industrial ransomware attacks
  • Why paying attackers may only guarantee repeated attacks
  • Why your remote access tools may already be vulnerable
  • How boosting your asset visibility can protect you from ransomware attacks
  • BONUS - The Ransomware Preparation Checklist!


Webinar: Industrial Ransomware and You

28/01/21 | 4 PM CET

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