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The difference that makes the difference

At OTORIO, our team is the driving force behind everything we do. As we set the next industry standard, we realize that every significant contribution to our customers’ safety, is the result of collective effort.


At OTORIO, you will have experts to learn from, and they are eager to learn from you. We believe in teamwork, transparency, and bringing out our best. Come join us as we change the future of our industry.



OTORIO's Core Values

Striving for excellence

We are fuelled by our ambition to achieve the extraordinary, pushing past limits to build products and solutions that can change the world of OT/IT/IIoT digital risk management and security. We embrace a mindset of openness and curiosity, learning from one another and always seeking ways to grow. We maintain high standards of quality, performance, and continuously strive to improve. We always seek better approaches to what we do. We have the will and desire to learn and excel.

Dare to be bold

We take the lead and advance the boundaries of what is possible. We are explorers and innovators who always seek better ways to what we do. We accelerate our initiatives with breakthrough thinking and unrivaled passion to lead our market. Our game-changing approaches help organizations of all sizes and industries rethink how they secure critical industrial software and operational assets. We push the envelope to help our customers overcome and solve their unique challenges.


We treat everyone with respect and empathy, working together to break down silos and enabling people to succeed. We proudly lead with passion for one another, our customers, our partners, and communities.. We are dedicated to providing solutions to help secure OT and converged OT-IT-IIoT networks for a proactive risk management strategy. We value talent, time, perspectives, and differences in everyone we work with.

Customer Centricity

Customers are our top priority. We are passionate about solving real-world security problems for end-users’ OT environments and enabling their business success. We are attentive to the unique security needs of our global customers. We seek to create innovative next-generation solutions that provide OT/IT and security professionals with exactly what they need to perform their jobs efficiently, effectively, and responsibly.


The startup nation has no shortage of new companies. What makes OTORIO stand out in the crowd? We are not only the best at what we do, but we are the only company that leverages our diverse expertise and delivers next-generation Operation Technology (OT) solutions and services to the industrial world.  We are ensuring a safer digital path for Industry 4.0 where no one else is even coming close.

What it takes to Work and Play at OTORIO

We are looking for people who are curious, ready to transcend the status quo, and have the motivation to transform ideas into reality. While innovation paths are rarely smooth, certain people are driven to succeed against the odds. We are looking for those kinds of individuals - team members who can teach, be coached, and do what it takes to succeed. If you are unafraid of the unknown, willing to dive into new domains, and capable of thriving in environments outside of your comfort zone, OTORIO is the place for you. 


Our Open Positions

We're looking for talent

We're always looking for talented people who can enrich our company with bright ideas and creative thinking. Think you have what it takes - but couldn't find a job description that fits your talents? Don't worry. Send us your CV and let us know why YOU should be part of our talent program.