Risk-based Digital Production in the Automotive Industry

Risk-based Digital Production in the Automotive Industry

Securing One of the World’s Most Automated Sectors

The automotive industry is one of the leading industries in terms of automation. Automated assembly lines and robots ensure that each car that leaves the factory is built in the most efficient way possible and is the best product for the consumer. Since the automotive industry is adopting more digital solutions over time and as the automation of the shops increases, companies must adopt operational (OT) security solutions to monitor and regulate their activity.


Ensuring business continuity

As automotive assembly lines operate in a sequential manner, meaning that processes rely on the previously completed processes, continuous availability is a top priority for the industry. OTORIO’s Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Management platform continuously monitors multiple industrial data sources to ensure the reliability and availability of operations.

Safety is a top priority

As automotive companies want to ensure they always stay ahead of their competitors, they must take the necessary precautions to ensure that their production personnel and equipment remain safe, efficient, and continuous. The physical safety of personnel and equipment is a guiding principle of each of OTORIO’s services and products.

Leveraging real-world security assessments

A network is only as strong as its weakest point, and just one open attack path is enough to hinder operations. As physical safety is at risk when it comes to automotive production, companies must ensure that they are resilient not only in theory, but also in action, tested by OT dedicated services.

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