Automated Cyber Security Assessment and Compliance Audit


Boost Profitability of Cyber Security Risk Assessments and Compliance Audits

Owners and operators of industrial environments increasingly rely on consultants and other third parties to assess cyber resilience and compliance with regulations and standards. They count on you for recommendations and insights that help them harden their OT networks against ransomware and other cyber threats.

To provide profitable services, consultants need an easy-to-use, powerful, and accurate solution. Such a solution needs to automatically assess risks per asset, reveal exposure, manage vulnerabilities, evaluate and document compliance with regulations and standards, and measure overall cybersecurity posture.

OTORIO spOT™automates cyber security risk assessment and compliance audit processes, and reduces their required time and resources by up to 75%.

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Cyber security audit

Speed Up Compliance Auditing and Cyber Security Risk Assessments

spOT™ from OTORIO is a software solution that belongs in every engineering firm and security auditor’s arsenal. It’s easy to set up and execute on-site or remotely. spOT automatically discovers all assets from individual components to complex machines and network segments, across entire industrial sites. It rapidly delivers quick and accurate compliance audits, even with the growing body of regulations and standards. spOTperforms a cyber security risk assessment and delivers accurate evaluations of the security posture, so organizations can mitigate potential risk.

Cyber security assessment tools

Automated Cyber Security Risk Assessment Tools

spOT’s automatic cyber security risk assessment delivers a risk analysis prioritized by business impact by discovering, analyzing and monitoring all OT, IT and IIOT assets within the operational environment.

SpOT significantly reduces the chances of attackers breaching the OT network and executing successful attacks.

The solution collects security configurations and verifies them against security policies. It finds gaps, zero-trust holes, segmentation problems, vulnerabilities, firewall policy enforcement issues, amongst others.

spOT delivers insights and practical recommendations along with a step-by-step mitigation plan to improve the organization's security posture.

Compliance audit software

Automatic and Customizable Compliance Audit Software

spOT audits for compliance with general and industrial-specific security standards such as IEC 62443, NIST and NERC, providing an overall compliance score as well as a score per specific regulation or standard with a clear view of all open compliance issues.

spOT also offers practical mitigation guidance to close gaps and ensure compliance of industry standard regulations.

spOT doesn’t hold up the auditing process; it expedites it. Fast setup and automatic collection of asset information yields immediate results. spOT executes safe active queries including industrial protocols and enriches off-line data like firewall policies, logs, project files, etc.

Discover OTORIO's Automated Cyber Security Risks Assessment and Compliance Audit

Boost Your Cyber Security Risk Assessments & Compliance Auditing

OTORIO enables you to deliver immediate added value to customers, and the opportunity to upsell additional services.

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