Cyber Security in Energy Sector

Ensuring Operational Continuity

Ensuring productivity through digital security in the energy sector

The Energy sector is serving its customers more efficiently than ever as it leverages more value from the digitization process. As it adopts more Industry 4.0 solutions over time, it must also adopt operational (OT) security solutions to monitor and regulate its activity. OTORIO's world-leading cyber experts are experienced in defending mission-critical systems from state actors, cyber-crime and internal threats. OTORIO partners with leaders in the energy sector to manage digital risks in their increasingly connected facilities for a safer, more productive industry.

Cyber security energy sector

Protecting your infrastructure

OTORIO helps you to identify your site’s weak spots and assess their resilience. Our threat intelligence teams can identify patterns and help stop attacks that are designed to slow down or halt your infrastructure. We partner with you to create and implement security regulations along with an implementation road map.

Cyber security threats in energy sector

Protecting the grid from inside and out

Energy companies are always seeking ways of protecting the grid from private or nation-state hackers, hostile agencies, or terrorists. As such, they must take the necessary precautions to make sure their production remains safe, efficient, and continuous. OTORIO's world-leading cyber experts have a long history defending critical cyber-physical systems. Our experts help you assess your security posture, improve it, and take the necessary steps to remain safe from cyber attacks and human error.

Cyber physical energy systems

Monitoring third-party risks

Energy companies rely heavily on third-party vendors. It is a challenge to monitor third party’s respective security posture and to identify them as a possible source of attacks. OTORIO provides third-party risk management solutions. As physical safety is at risk when it comes to the energy sector, companies must ensure that they are resilient not only in theory, but also in action, tested by OT dedicated services.

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