Cyber Risk-Management in the Machinery Industry


An Evolving Machine Manufacturing Ecosystem

Today’s machine manufacturing ecosystem extends far beyond the Factory Acceptance Test. Keeping machine security in-line with customer policies, best practices, warranty requirements and regulatory demands is the manufacturer’s responsibility – even after machines are working on customer premises.

Machines are evolving, too. Today’s machines comprise tens of components from multiple vendors. This makes machine builders a long-term link in the end-product supply chain. Today, product responsibility, risk and (especially) liability doesn’t end until end of product life.


Rethinking Machine Cybersecurity

Machine-builders are liable for the security and compliance of their equipment - from delivery to end-of-life.  They need to verify that each machine is aligned with industry best practices, as well as customer policies, warranty and service requirements, and constantly-evolving international and local regulations. 

What’s more, machine builders are expected to proactively notify customers when new vulnerabilities are discovered – and offer clear remediation guidelines in real-time or near-real-time.

And that’s why OTORIO created spOT.

spOT: Security by Design

spOTTM empowers machine builders to automate machine security assessments and significantly reduce the time and costs of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT). This enables machine manufacturers to continue managing each machine’s cybersecurity posture throughout its entire lifecycle on customer premises.

A New Revenue Stream: Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

spOT creates new business opportunities for machine manufacturers, enabling them to offer value-added post-delivery cybersecurity services, while simultaneously ensuring that machines remain cyber-resilient until the end of their lives. 

spOT performs periodic or on-demand cybersecurity and compliance checks – remotely or on-prem. When new vulnerabilities are identified at any point during a machine’s lifecycle, spOT notifies machine builders – allowing them to alert their customers of changes in machine security posture in real-time.

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A Brave New World for Machine Builders

With great change comes great opportunity. OTORIO can help you navigate the ongoing machine manufacturing cybersecurity revolution – providing better security and customer satisfaction across the entire product value chain.

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