Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Solution

Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Solution for a Secure OT Environment

The oil and gas industry has made a number of advances since it started its Industry 4.0 journey. Automation and industrial control systems, which used to be separated from open networks, are now becoming more connected and efficient. These advantages have come at a cost, as the increasing amount of connected devices have left the industry more open to vulnerabilities and cyber attacks on their networks.

The oil and gas industry has to adopt operational technology security (OT security) and supply chain cybersecurity solutions to monitor and regulate activity in their networks, both in and out of the field, to secure business continuity, critical infrastructure and prevent third party risk.

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Oil and gas cyber security

Secure business continuity & keep the wells pumping

When the oil wells are pumping, you can’t afford production slowdowns or shutdowns in your multiple production lines and that could mean financial loss, reputation damage, and the loss of crucial data. OTORIO’s solution for Oil & Gas Cybersecurity helps you overcome OT cybersecurity challenges and gets your networks up to speed. Protect your networks against IT/OT vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks in production so you can maintain business continuity.

Secured critical infrastructure

Keep your critical infrastructure safe

Oil and gas companies worldwide strive for safe, reliable, and uninterrupted production processes. OTORIO's risk management solutions safeguard your personnel and equipment across all sites, considering risk consequences from both a safety and operational perspective.

Preventing third party risk

Prevent third-party risk

Oil and gas organizations work with third-party contractors, who might be a source of malicious or accidental cyber incidents. Contractors such as electricity plants that serve your organization are often not aware of cyber risks and introduce vulnerability into your networks. OTORIO supply-chain risk management suite helps you identify these threats and helps you put the best safety practices in place to prevent them from occurring.

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Apply the Right Solution to Ensure Oil & Gas Cybersecurity Protection

In the oil and gas industry, services such as risk assessments, penetration tests, and incident response help companies build their resilience to attacks, while OT dedicated products ensure ongoing monitoring of day-to-day activity, providing companies with suggestions of how to manage their risks.

In the oil and gas industry, services such as risk assessments, penetration tests, and incident response help companies build their resilience to attacks. OTORIO's risk management solutions are industrial-native, providing continuous monitoring of day-to-day activity and risk mitigation guidance, enabling IT and OT security teams to take control of security posture and ensure operational resilience.

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