Asset Visibility Expert Interview with Yair Attar

Asset Visibility Expert Interview with Yair Attar

01 Jan 0001

Industrial Cyber Security Pulse interviews OTORIO CTO Yair Attar about OT security and asset visibility 

Operational technology (OT) systems are becoming more connected to information technology (IT) and the cloud, creating new potential attack vectors for threat actors.

OT networks are complex environments that are created from many different technology vendors and multi-generation solutions, many of which are insecure by design. As a result, the threat landscape has evolved to become much more dynamic and it is easier to attack systems and create an impact.

Asset visibility is the first crucial phase when it comes to strengthening the security posture of the operational environment. Organizations must understand what they have in their environment, where it’s located and how it’s connected. This means knowing assets’ characteristics, relationships, locations and owners, and understanding their operational and business impact.

To get started on asset visibility, companies need to understand their resources, bring in both IT security and operational teams, have processes and workflows in place, and find a scalable technology that can integrate data from different sources, exchange data with other ecosystem solutions, and automate existing workflows and processes.

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