RAM² Security Orchestration


RAM² Security Orchestration

SOAR Cybersecurity Platform

Industrial Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Platform

SOAR Security Orchestration

RAM2 from OTORIO is a patent-pending, next-generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platform for OT security and digital risk management. RAM2 seamlessly integrates information from diverse operational and security systems - allowing OT and security teams to better leverage their investment in existing technology and achieve faster ROI. Discovering, analyzing, and monitoring all OT, IT and IIOT assets within the operational environment, RAM2 correlates security events and digital risks from across the entire OT network.

RAM2 proactively identifies risk patterns and presents only meaningful and relevant insights - dramatically reducing alert fatigue and empowering operational and security teams to proactively prevent risks rather than just detecting them. The platform’s user-friendly dashboards simplify OT security - allowing operational teams to continuously assess their security posture, while easily enforcing policies, industrial standards, and more. And when cyber incidents require SOC intervention, RAM2 facilitates seamless collaboration between operational cyber teams, providing analysts with a tailored workbench for in-depth forensic investigation.

Operational Continuity for Digitized Industrial Networks

Asset Inventory & Change Management

Use RAM², SOAR security orchestration to discover, analyze, and monitor all assets (OT, IT, IIoT) within the OT network, based on their production process, physical location, business impact, and state for full visibility.

Vulnerability Management

OTORIO’s RAM² matches OT vulnerabilities with specific assets in the industrial network. The data is provided with comprehensive threat intelligence information and precise mitigation steps.

Cyber Risk Insights

Correlates alerts, asset data, and industrial context from multiple industrial cyber security and industrial threat detection sources to identify gaps in the security posture and provides early detection of attack patterns.

Actionable Playbooks

Provides step-by-step remediation guidelines to help operational teams manage and mitigate threats efficiently.

Compliance Tracking

Ensures that your industrial organization meets common operational technology cybersecurity best practices and standards, such as NIST 800-82 and IEC-62443.

Case Management Tracking

Enables collaboration within teams, tracks progress and communicates with external stakeholders to reduce mean time to resolution. 


Generates and shares risk assessment, compliance, and asset inventory reports with stakeholders for transparency and cooperation. RAM² reports are essential to digital transformation risk management.

Integration with Multiple IT/OT Solutions

Facilitates a seamless integration of RAM² data with other internal security and industrial systems for a comprehensive IT-OT cybersecurity assessment view.

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SOAR Cybersecurity Platform

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