RAM² - Continuous OT Cyber Risk Management Platform

Prescriptive protection for operational networks

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RAM² - Continuous OT Cyber Risk Management Platform

Prescriptive protection for operational networks

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Simplifying OT/IT Cyber Security

OTORIO's RAM² is an OT security solution with a unified framework built to help you proactively manage cyber security risks, build resilient operations, and future-proof operational environments.

RAM² provides you with unparalleled consolidated visibility of your entire operational network by orchestrating data from cross-domain sources. This includes IDS, Firewall, EDR, PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historians, Engineering systems, and more. All devices, networks, and systems in the OT environment can be seen and monitored in real-time, so practitioners can efficiently address potential risks with a proactive approach.

RAM² enables practitioners to take control of security posture by leveraging enriched asset attribution with operational context, vulnerabilities, and exposures. Comprehensive assessments deliver rich, granular reports that proactively identify the most critical vulnerabilities and provide alerts prioritized by operational context and business impact.

RAM² promotes collective governance with a unified framework for operational security. Easy-to-navigate, customizable dashboards empower IT and OT security practitioners with the tools needed to bridge skill gaps, accelerate decision making and significantly improve your mean time to detect (MTTD) and resolve (MTTR).

RAM² supports practitioners with expert remediation and prescriptive mitigation guidance. Best practice and tailored practical playbooks provide step-by-step instructions to help teams mitigate vulnerabilities, demonstrate compliance and ensure operational resilience.

RAM² integrates as an overlay to maximize ROI from your existing operational security stack. The platform seamlessly overlays with a variety of third-party tools and technologies to deliver deeper contextual analysis, preventing downtime and financial losses.

RAM² can be used as an overlay or a standalone OT security solution for industrial control systems (ICS) and cyber physical systems (CPS).

Operational Continuity for Digitized Industrial Networks

Proactive Approach

RAM² is based on proactive risk identification and reduction - becoming “ransomware ready” by automating gaps and exposure analysis to reduce security risks that impact the operational environment.

Unmatched integration capacity

RAM² has an unmatched integration capabilities, collecting data from all OT environment assets to extend visibility and provide industrial-native operational context. RAM² flexible platform can be tailored quickly to every customer's needs.

Mitigation Playbooks

RAM² provides contextualized, automated mitigation playbooks for each risk, presented in a practical, feasible way that is suitable for the operational environment and reduces MTTR.

Case Management

RAM² supports security teams with a case management function for OT orchestration,  enabling IT - OT team collaboration to mitigate OT cyber security risks.

Compliance out-of-the-box

RAM² provides automated out-of-the-box compliance assessment for operational environments according to regulatory standards (e.g., IEC 62443, NERC CIP, NIST) and organizational policies. RAM² proactively checks multiple configurations on an asset level, production line or the complete site.

Risk Quantification

Operational Digital Risk identification and prioritization (with explainable risk) based on RAM²’s Cyber Digital Twin for meaningful risk assessment. RAM² risk quantification aggregates  alerts categories, assets types and insights severity delivering comprehensive operational risk impact analysis.

Correlated insights based on multiple data sources

RAM² correlates the information from multiple data sources and extends insights capabilities and content. RAM² solution filters legitimate events, correlates multiple alerts into “insights” delivering:

  • Analyst-in-a-box
  • Noise reduction
  • Contextualization

Attack vector analysis

RAM² operationally contextualized attack vector analysis (intelligence view) identifies patterns that are considered a potential risk, helping organizations focus on threats that actually matter.

Non-Intrusive Breach and Attack Simulation

RAM2 creates a digital twin of the OT network, enabling security teams to conduct effective breach and attack simulations to predict potential attack vectors.


Utilize RAM2 enhanced multi-site capabilities to ensure that security policies are monitored and enforced every organizational site.

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