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spOTTM Assessment - Risk and compliance assessment based on operational context

Enabling MSSPs, Auditors, Consultants, Engineering Companies and Integrators Deliver Faster, Superior-quality Assessments

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spOTTM Assessment - Risk and compliance assessment based on operational context

Enabling MSSPs, Auditors, Consultants, Engineering Companies and Integrators Deliver Faster, Superior-quality Assessments

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Delivers Assessors faster, superior-quality OT Assessments

OTORIO developed spOT Assessment to conduct efficient, quick, and effective periodical technical risk assessments of operational networks. spOT Assessment expedites the OT technical assessment and audit process by reducing the time and required resources for technical assessments by up to 75%. It enables the audit of an asset, site, or even an entire organization’s security posture across multiple sites.

spOT Assessment is easy to set up and execute, either on-site or remotely. It automatically builds an enriched OT-IT-IIoT asset inventory and analyzes it. Once gaps in security posture are identified, risks are prioritized by their business impact according to their effect upon processes and other components. spOT Assessment delivers clear, practical recommendations for step-by-step mitigation of each identified vulnerability, security gap, exposure, and compliance deviation, all compiled within the spOT Assessment security report.

The ROI for spOT Assessment increases over time. By reassessing the same environment, spOT provides historical comparisons, risk trends, and the ability to provide ongoing alerting as a service.

  • A technical assessment report of OT security controls with best practices to harden security configurations and network interfaces
  • Expedites the OT technical assessment and audit process by reducing the time and effort required.
  • Conduct a safe operational security posture assessment without disturbing ongoing operations
  • Risk assessment report with prioritized vulnerabilities according to their impact on the OT environment
  • Contextualized mitigation steps for each risk, presented in a simple, actionable way suitable for the operational environment
  • Out-of-the-box asset and site-level compliance (IEC 62443, NERC CIP, NIST) and governance of organizational policies
  • High-fidelity asset inventory with a deeper and richer understanding of its role, impact, vulnerabilities, and organizational structure
  • Improves ROI of existing security controls

Automated Security and Compliance Risk Assessment

spOT from OTORIO is a powerful solution that automatically builds an enriched and prioritized OT, IT and IIOT asset inventory. spOT performs an automated security risk assessment and generates detailed reports with practical recommendations and step-by-step mitigation playbooks.

spOT delivers automated compliance and security reports that can be presented to senior-level and technical clients as well as regulatory bodies and auditors. The rich reports assess risk by asset, assign compliance and security scores, and more with recommendations for improvement.

spOT’s value increases over time. Reassessing the same environment, spOT will provide historical perspectives – what has improved, what has gotten worse and what is the trend.

Comprehensive asset inventory visibility

spOT Assessment integrates with third-party technologies and automatically built enriched OT, IT and IIoT asset inventory

Automated analysis and assessment report

spOT Assessment correlates and automatically analyzes  the information gathered  from different data sources, correlates multiple alerts into insights to deliver security posture assessment reports.

Identify gaps and vulnerabilities

spOT Assessment delivers a risk assessment report informing security gaps and prioritizes vulnerabilities according to their OT environment business impact.

Mitigation playbooks

spOT Assessment provides contextualized, automated mitigation playbooks for each risk, presented in a practical, feasible way that is suitable for the operational environment.

Compliance audit and detailed reports

spOT Assessment provides automated out-of-the-box compliance assessment for operational environments according to regulatory standards like IEC 62443, NERC CIP, NIST and organizational policies. spOT Assessment checks multiple configurations and automatically creates compliance reports  on an asset level, production line or the complete site.

Unmatched integration capabilities

spOT Assessment delivers an unmatched integration capability, collecting data from all OT environment assets to extend visibility and provide industrial native operational context. OTORIO's flexible platform can be tailored quickly to every customer's needs.

Professional Services

OTORIO’s global team brings the extensive mission-critical experience of top nation-state cyber security experts combined with deep operational and industrial domain expertise. Together with our partners, we provide services to critical infrastructure, smart transit and logistics, and industrial manufacturing organizations, enabling them to effectively secure their digital transformations in OT-IT-IIoT networked environments.


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