GigaOm called OTORIO “the lone outperformer and pioneer” among the IIoT security vendors it analyzed.

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spOT™- Securing the Digital Machine Lifecycle

Keep the security of your machines in-line with customer policies, best practices,
warranty requirements and regulatory demands

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spOT™- Securing the Digital Machine Lifecycle

Keep the security of your machines in-line with customer policies, best practices,
warranty requirements and regulatory demands

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spOT™: Automated  Vulnerability Assessments for Machine Builders

spOT™ : Secure and Compliant Machinery

From single asset to site-wide deployments, from factory acceptance testing to end-of-life, spOT™ delivers full asset-level visibility over all machines and their assets, even those not connected to a network. spOT automatically identifies security threats, alerting you and your customers before vulnerabilities become liabilities.

FAT Security Check for Every Machine/Delivery

spOT™ is an integral part of the machine builders delivery and quality procedures, supporting system hardening. Checking the full machine against the relevant IEC62443 / NIST / NERC standards, or additional standards as required by your customers, spOT creates a Cyber Security “machine fingerprint” and automatically generates machine-specific IEC compliance letters.

Lifecycle Vulnerability Management as-a-Service

Based on the "fingerprint" of delivered machines, spOT™ periodically checks the configurations against current threats and vulnerabilities. Running cyclic cybersecurity-risk-potential evaluation of end customer machinery, Machine builders can enhance their offering by providing Lifecycle Vulnerability Management as-a-service.

Securing the Digital Machine Lifecycle

Simplifying OT Cybersecurity for Machine Builders

Ensures secure and compliant zero trust digital machinery lifecycle - from commissioning to ongoing cybersecurity and compliance checks.

Confirmation of Cybersecurity and Compliance

Verify cyber protection and compliance before connecting a new or post-maintenance machine to the production line.

Ongoing Cybersecurity and Compliance Checks

Perform periodic on-premise or remote checks of machines, identifying new vulnerabilities throughout each machine’s lifecycle and notifying customers when critical issues are discovered.

Full Inventory Visibility

Visibility of all integrated third-party technologies from the machine level to the entire production line.

Machine Security and Asset Level Compliance

Audit machines and assets for compliance with safety and security regulations and standards, including IEC 62443, NIST, NERC CIP, CSA Z462, OSHA 3132.

Automated Policy Verification

Adherence to security policies, best practices and proper configuration before and after customer delivery.

Actionable Mitigation Playbooks

Clear recommendations for remediation of gaps and hardening against ransomware.

Liability Management

Identify and notify customers about vulnerabilities in each machine’s IT/OT/IoT assets throughout its lifecycle based on OTORIO’s unique threat intelligence.

Comprehensive Reports

Automated, easy-to-read reports keep manufacturers and users up to date regarding their security posture.

Central Management System Integration

Simple sync of data with central management system for change management, documentation, and reports.

Remote Access Monitoring

Option for remote security monitoring of machines as a service to end customers using on-machine spOT devices.

Reduce Costs

Significantly reduce time and costs for factory acceptance tests (FAT) and system acceptance tests (SAT). Enhancing offerings via automated machinery cybersecurity.

OTORIO spOT - Machine Builders Cyber Security Solution

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