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Operational zero-trust remote access module

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Secured Remote Access Solution

remOT™ by OTORIO delivers secure by design, simple, and fully governed secure remote access to the operational environment. As a clientless solution with no agents, no VPN, and no Jump Server, remOT simplifies connectivity to assets for third-party vendors, service providers, and internal users, without compromising on safety. It scales seamlessly to the needs of your organization while maintaining OT network segmentation between sites, with a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

With remOT remote access solution, access is governed and controlled using separated, multi-tenant cloud account management. By leveraging remOT zero-trust approach, access is given only to authorized employees, and authorized third-parties to specific assets, according to the needs of industrial networks. remOT delivers full visibility of any secure, remote access. Secure remote access module Operational zero-trust remote access.

  • Zero trust architecture providing secure access for internal and third-party users
  • Seamless remote access to specific assets in target sites from the web browser with no agents, no VPN, and no jump server
  • Single-sign-on controlled access
  • Audit of every user and admin action
  • Secure-by-design with full TLS communication, credentials and asset protection, protocol, and session isolation
  • Separated multi-tenant cloud account management
  • Secure and easy-to-use file transfer
  • Full governance and monitoring of any secure, remote connection and remote access
  • Scales easily with low TCO


Secure by Design

remOT remote access solution designed by OTORIO’s expert operational security security teams with industrial networks in mind.

Minimizing Exposure

remOT, OTORIO's supply chain cybersecurity platform, enables organizations to minimize exposure to cyber threats and their business impact with zero risk access management to the production floors.

Easy to Use

A clientless web application enables remote and easy access from anywhere 24/7 to both operational teams and 3rd party vendors utilizing remOT’s cloud service.

No IT Overhead

remOT secure remote access was designed specifically for OT networks and therefore it does not demand IT overhead unlike existing VPN solutions.

Ease of Access

To both operational teams and 3rd party vendors utilizing remOT’s cloud service to manage, monitor and establish secure remote access to assets. 

Access Control

remOT remote access solution allows companies to have full control of every type of asset (physical and data) by supporting any protocol used in the production environment.

Complete Visibility

Gain complete visibility of every activity originating from a remote connection; who is doing what and when and including monitoring with audit logs.

OTORIO remOT Access Solution

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