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2021 Industrial Cybercrime Impact Report

2020 has been a remarkable year for cybersecurity in general and specifically for industrial cybersecurity. Not surprisingly, the memorable year was dominated by COVID-19. Forced lockdowns, travel bans, social distancing and a general fear of the pandemic have slowed the global economy almost to a halt.

However, for the industrial sector and its just-in-time supply chain, COVID-19 actually served to accelerate processes such as remote access and remote management and operations. To maintain productivity and competitiveness, organizations were forced to open their production floor and allow remote access to both employees and vendors.

Yet this rapid adoption of connectivity tools has become at times a double-edged sword – especially when proper digital and cybersecurity measures are lacking. And as with any gap in cybersecurity, hackers were quick to locate it, and exploit it.

The 2021 Industrial Cybercrime Impact Report presents detailed, vital assessments and predictions for industrial cybersecurity.

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