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2022 OT Cybersecurity Survey Report

Over the last two years, three different trends have converged to change the way people view industrial (OT) cybersecurity. The first; an acceleration towards a connected production floor, especially around remote operations and supply chain management. Driven by the pandemic, and in the hopes of becoming increasingly efficient and cost-effective, companies feel the continuing need to digitize their operations. As a result, formerly air-gapped industrial environments are today exposed to the web.

Secondly, the growth of cybercrime itself. Only a few years ago, the industry was mainly troubled by nation state attackers - the only ones that had the resources to target critical infrastructure, energy and industrial companies. Today, tools as sophisticated as those previously available only to nation states are leveraged by cybercriminal organizations and cause substantial damage. These criminals target industrial envrionments which they consider low hanging fruit due to accelerated digitization.

The final trend is the tightening of legislation and regulations, pushed forward by governments that are taking an increasingly active role in cyber defenses. The energy, utilities and transportation sectors are critical to both economy and national security - driving governments to implement new regulations, while updating and developing existing ones. This trend was accelerated in 2021 by the Biden Administration, and multiple US governmental agencies are now scrutinizing anything to do with operational technology.


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