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Customer Case Studies

How an International Airport Manages Digital Risk with OTORIO in a Diverse OT-IT-IIoT Environment

A Brief Overview

An international airport is a large critical infrastructure organization that operates in a complex environment of OT-IT-IIOT assets. The airport's digital security team had limited security governance, initial asset documentation, add a partial work process to identify and reduce security risks. They sought a solution that would provide:

  • Comprehensive OT-IT-IIoT asset visibility to identify and inventory all of the
    airport’s digital assets and their configuration details
  • Digital security risk governance to support the security team with a ‘big-picture’
    management view of the airport’s digital security and operational technology
  • Prioritize risks based on business and operational impact
  • Feasible risk mitigation steps
  • Automated, efficient, and effective security operations
  • Streamline existing workflow processes for SOC teams and asset owners


OTORIO worked with the airport's cyber security and operations teams to deploy the RAM² risk assessment, monitoring, and management solution for central extended visibility of all risks affecting the airport's different OT-IT-IIOT assets. RAM² provided the team with a comprehensive asset inventory and overview of the digital environment by integrating with the airport's existing Airport systems, Firewalls and EDR's.