OTORIO and Automotive Manufacturing Resilience 




OTORIO’s Solution


OTORIO’s Benefits

  • Ability to conduct a safe operational security posture assessment without disturbing ongoing operations.
  • Improved ROI on pre-existing security controls and solutions by leveraging existing technology investments.
  • A comprehensive security assessment report, providing senior management with a full picture of the company’s OT cyber security posture.
  • Quick risk mitigation and hardening of site-specific OT network risks and vulnerabilities.
  • The company went from only relying upon detection to adopting a continuous, proactive risk-based assessment, mitigation, and management strategy to secure its OT environment.

OTORIO's OT cybersecurity technology empowers Automotive operational security practitioners to manage cyber risks proactively. 

Ensuring the integrity of Automotive Tier 1 and 2 supply chains is essential for adhering to demanding manufacturing schedules, enhancing productivity, improving resiliency, and maintaining the functional safety of employees and vehicles — effectively safeguarding lives.

Automotive manufacturers are a prime target for cybercriminals because they face unique, industry-specific risks. Automotive supply chains are inherently complex, with automotive OEMs relying on globally distributed networks of third-party manufacturers for a vast array of parts - including software and electronic hardware components. This expansion of the attack surface heightens risks for both manufacturers and consumers.


Proactively Manage Operational Cyber Risk

$22,000 per minute. That’s the cost for a car manufacturer when production comes to a standstill*

These kinds of financial consequences emphasize the need for cyber resilience in the automotive sector. The growing interconnectivity and data sharing between systems and networks broadens the potential attack surface for manufacturers and third-party vendors, which could lead to production disruptions and, ultimately, profit losses. Strict adherence to security compliance standards like the NIS2 Directive and IEC 62443 not only strengthens the industry against evolving threats but also instills consumer confidence in the safety and privacy of modern vehicles.


Ensure Compliance and Standardizations

Protect your networks and devices against external threats by aligning with the NIS2 Cybersecurity Framework. With OTORIO's automated compliance, you can easily conduct compliance assessments for both individual assets and entire operational networks. This allows you to adhere to necessary compliance and standardization requirements, ensuring you govern and enforce industry-required regulations to safeguard your production ecosystem. By doing so, you minimize legal and financial risks.

OTORIO conducts risk and compliance assessments - from the single asset to the entire operational network - so automotive manufacturers can adhere to the necessary compliance and standardization requirements, safeguard the production ecosystem, and minimize legal and financial risks. 

Do you want to understand how to proactively manage operational risk with OTORIO's OT security risk assessment, monitoring, and management platform?

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