OTORIO Ensures Manufacturing Cyber Security Resilience


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OTORIO’s Benefits

  • Ability to conduct a safe operational security posture assessment without disturbing ongoing operations.
  • Improved ROI on pre-existing security controls and solutions by leveraging existing technology investments.
  • A comprehensive security assessment report, providing senior management with a full picture of the company’s OT cyber security posture.
  • Quick risk mitigation and hardening of site-specific OT network risks and vulnerabilities.
  • The company went from only relying upon detection to adopting a continuous, proactive risk-based assessment, mitigation, and management strategy to secure its OT environment.

OTORIO's proactive approach to managing OT cyber risk ensures productivity, reliability, and operational resilience in the manufacturing OT environment.

Manufacturing is one of the most targeted sectors by cyberattacks. Ensuring the integrity of manufacturing operations is essential for adhering to demanding schedules, enhancing productivity, improving resiliency, and maintaining worker safety.

Digital transformation is reshaping the industrial landscape, making the manufacturing sector more susceptible to cyber threats due to the increasing connectivity of production systems and the rising adoption of IoT devices.

Strict adherence to security compliance standards like the NIS2 Directive and IEC 62443 strengthens the industry against evolving threats, safeguards against potential financial losses, and upholds an organization's reputation. Security practitioners within the manufacturing sector must ensure robust security measures are in place to counter cyber threats.


Compliance for Manufacturing Organizations

Meeting required industry regulations and standards in manufacturing includes implementing cybersecurity measures to protect OT networks, yet compliance complexity and resource limitations can pose challenges to effective implementation. OTORIO's out-of-the-box automated compliance enables you to enforce and govern industry-required regulations to safeguard the production ecosystem and minimize legal and financial risks. OTORIO does this with:

  • Automated compliance assessments from the single asset to the entire operational network, ensuring manufacturers adhere to the necessary compliance requirements.
  • Compliance audit for manufacturing regulations such as NIST2, IEC 62443, NERC CIP Cybersecurity Framework, and other sector-specific standards.
  • Clear and detailed reports on deviation, compliance scores, and the required remediation instructions. OTORIO's automated compliance shortens the time and effort required to generate all the documentation needed for assessments, including information necessary to comply with global and local regulations.

Be prepared with Proactive Risk Management.

Take control of your security posture and eliminate critical risks wherever you are in your OT security journey.

By mapping attack paths, protecting complex supply chains, and auditing regulatory adherence, you can fortify your systems, strengthen stakeholder trust, and ensure the seamless operation of the production ecosystem.

Are you looking to effectively safeguard both the productivity and availability of your manufacturing environment?

Read the solution brief to understand how OTORIO tailors its industrial-native OT cyber risk management platform to the needs of the manufacturing industry to proactively manage cyber risks with safety, reliability, and operations resilience as a top priority. 

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