OTORIO'S RAM² Continuous NERC-CIP Compliance




OTORIO’s Solution


OTORIO’s Benefits

  • Ability to conduct a safe operational security posture assessment without disturbing ongoing operations.
  • Improved ROI on pre-existing security controls and solutions by leveraging existing technology investments.
  • A comprehensive security assessment report, providing senior management with a full picture of the company’s OT cyber security posture.
  • Quick risk mitigation and hardening of site-specific OT network risks and vulnerabilities.
  • The company went from only relying upon detection to adopting a continuous, proactive risk-based assessment, mitigation, and management strategy to secure its OT environment.

How does RAM² empower security practitioners to manage operational compliance with increased efficiency, saving time and effort?

Cyber risks are on the rise as supply chains become increasingly digitized. This exposes critical infrastructure and industrial organizations to potential threats. To safeguard complex ICS environments, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of operational technology (OT), security posture, and the operational context. Stay protected and minimize cyber threats with the right knowledge and measures in place.

Conducting compliance and governance assessments are now standards for critical infrastructure and industrial practitioners to ensure operational effectiveness and address the evolving threat landscape. Electric utilities are required to implement NERC CIP compliance programs to ensure the continuity of power supplies and the protection of community safety.

However, as environments become more complex, manual assessments become a long, costly, and laborious effort. RAM², OTORIO’s Risk Management Platform, supports your OT security and compliance journey. RAM² ensures continuous compliance and policy fulfillment with better efficiency and accuracy. It automates evidence collection and auditing, which allows teams to focus on what matters. Most importantly, it improves your operational resilience and reduces the risk of non-compliance with regulations and policies.


Expedite the Compliance Assessment Process

RAM² enables security practitioners to perform comprehensive security posture and compliance assessments effortlessly. From single assets to entire operational networks, our platform offers out-of-the-box compliance assessment capabilities to support your adherence to industry standards such as NERC CIP, NIST 800-82, IEC 62443, NIS2, and more. Gain overall compliance scores and detailed deviation information with clear remediation instructions. Simplify the process of generating essential assessment documentation with RAM², saving time and effort. Discover how our solution optimizes security assessments and compliance management for your organization.


Comprehensive visibility

Complete and accurate asset inventory and vulnerability assessment across your entire OT/ ICS environments (from site level down to level 0 assets). Accurate vulnerability management.

Out-of-the-box compliance

Quickly assess the security posture and compliance with industry security regulations and best practices. Automatically generate required documentation for compliance and security assessments.

Effective risk management

Impact-driven prioritization of the most critical risks with actionable prescriptive mitigation guidance tailored to the operational environment. Creating a common language between stakeholders for collaborative risk mitigation efforts.


Read the solution brief to understand how RAM² Assists with NERC CIP Requirements.