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OTORIO Product Portfolio

OT environments are under attack from a relentless barrage of cyber threats from individual hackers to well-funded nation-state players. 24/7, they work tirelessly to discover and exploit exposures and vulnerabilities anywhere across organizational networks, assets, and people. At the same time, production facilities and infrastructure operators are compelled to comply with a growing body of complex regulations.

Built by global OT cyber security experts, our portfolio of industrial-native solutions ensures continuous digital risk management and compliance support for:

  • Industrial companies
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Machine builders and OEMs
  • Auditors
  • Consultants
  • Engineering firms


We enable safe, comprehensive OT risk management with proactive monitoring along with feasible and context focused mitigations. OTORIO’s OT risk management products and methods are provided by top nation-state cyber security and industrial domain experts. OTORIO’s high-level, proactive protection of OT environments supports regulatory compliance for industrial organizations, MSSPs, service integrators, machinery builders, engineering companies, and a variety of stakeholders. Simplification by automation and noise reduction drives focus, efficient resource allocation and immediate results.

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