Use Cases

OTORIO RAM² for Metal Manufacturers

Digital transformation makes the metal industry more effective and profitable, but also more exposed. Especially today, digital and cybersecurity risk avoidance becomes imperative to the success of automation development processes.

OTORIO protects the integrity and availability of your production facilities and the safety of your employees, by providing proactive digital risks avoidance products and services. This ensures continuous, uninterrupted operations that maximize digitization efficiencies.

Understanding the Unique Challenges of the Cold-Rolling Industry

With decades of experience, OTORIO's ot cybersecurity team is intimately familiar with the industrial automation particular challenges. Bringing best-practices and unique methodologies gained in multiple successful deployments in multi-vendor, multi-generational OT environments, OTORIO is ready to bring ROI and security value from day one.

OTORIO's Digital Risk Management solution RAM², automatically detects OT, IT, and IIoT elements in the manufacturing environment and maps them to the operational processes such as industrial furnaces, cold rolling, annealing etc. The platform's user-friendly dashboards simplify OT security - allowing operational teams to continuously improve their security posture while focusing on operational-critical risks.

Simplified Continuous Compliance Governance

The cold-rolling industry supplies metals to numerous industries including automotive, construction, electronics, medical, food, and many more. Each industry has its own standards and regulations which are constantly changing. OTORIO incorporates easy-to-use industrial and OT-focused GRC capabilities that enable seamless compiling with different standards. By offering visibility over the compliance standards and organizational policy fulfillment status in one-click, these solutions lower the cost and overhead of compliance, while more effectively covering all compliance requirements.

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