GigaOm called OTORIO “the lone outperformer and pioneer” among the IIoT security vendors it analyzed.

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OTORIO Services

Industry 4.0 is here, delivering smart technology that enables the automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. But the digital transformation exposes machines, processs, and data to cyberattacks.

OTORIO world-class industrial cybersecurity experts offer tailored services powered by RAM², OTORIO's digital and cyber-risk management system. The services enable industrial companies to safely attain the benefits of Industry 4.0 in the face of cybersecurity risk and exposures.

By engaging with OTORIO Services, companies can accurately assess their technologies, people, and processes, and advance toward the most effective levels of cyber resilience and incident response.

Comprehensive Services Approach

OTORIO offers a full range of services at four levels of engagement:

  • Discovery. One-off focused assessment of vulnerabilities, exposures, and compliance gaps. The result is easy-to-adopt recommendations for essential improvements to the security posture.

  • In-Depth Assessments. Comphrehensive studies covering a wide risk surface, including adversary simulations, architecture reviews, risk assessments, and human-factor evaluations, leading to a dramatic increase in operational cyber resiliency. Assessments include a non-intrusive breach-and-attack simulation on a digital twin of your OT network.

  • Preparedness. Significant improvement of the effectiveness of the company's security operations, and reduction of human errors. The result is empowered employees and efficient SOC operations.

  • Response. Evaluation of incident response capabilities with timely and effective reaction to incidents whenever they occur. At the end of the process, your team will be ready to deal successfully with the next cyberattack.