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RAM2 - Zentera Integration

OTORIO RAM2 helps mitigate cyber risks in your industrial network. The integration with Zentera enables prioritized threat mitigation, making your network safe and secure. 

As Industry 4.0 continues to progress, efficiency and innovation can be achieved more than any time before through increased automation and connectivity. To become more efficient and competitive, industrial organizations are investing in new digital solutions. These efforts increase the number of OT specific security vulnerabilities and expand the attack surface of the OT network. This exposes the industry to new cybersecurity threats, putting the operational continuity at risk.

RAM2 is OTORIO’s industrial SOAR solution that addresses these issues. OTORIO facilitated an integration of RAM2 with Zentera’s CoIP. The integration enables prioritized threat mitigation. In this integration, RAM2 platform identifies network anomalies, policy violations at the network level and unauthorized access. RAM2 receives alerts from Zentera and correlates them with alerts from different data sources to generate security insights.

Use Case Example:

Rogue device detection

RAM2 monitors continuous inventory changes and changes in asset states. It correlates this information with network activity and data from various security and industrial systems. When events for unauthorized conversations are reported by Zentera, they are correlated with the source and target assets information, to identify rogue assets that are trying to communicate with external destinations, or reach other assets in the OT network. RAM2 provides specific playbooks to handle the breach and mitigate the risk.

Integration Benefits

  • Reduces cyber risks with smart prioritization of alerts based on their business impact on operations
  • Manages risks by detecting network policy violations
  • Prevents unauthorized conversations, protocols, and traffic
  • Monitors suspicious communication patterns and multiple login attempts


OTORIO’s RAM2 Solution

OTORIO’s Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Management platform (RAM2) is a next generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and SIEM platform. RAM2 was designed to provide cybersecurity and digital risk management capabilities in converged IT/OT/IoT environments comprising hundreds of multi-protocol devices.



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