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RAM2 - Symantec Integration 

OTORIO RAM2 mitigates cyber risks, keeps your employees and equipment safe, and facilitates a smooth digital journey. The integration with Symantec provides mitigation playbooks that address the needs of operational networks.

As more companies adapt to Industry 4.0 standards, efficiency and innovation are achieved faster than ever before. However, advantages also bring an increase in the number of OT-specific security vulnerabilities and expand the attack surface of the OT network. This exposes the industry to new cybersecurity threats, putting operational continuity at risk.

OTORIO RAM2 mitigates these risks. RAM2, an industrial SIEM & SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) platform, integrates with Symantec’s Critical System Protection (CSP) to deliver a comprehensive security solution that adds operational context to cybersecurity alerts, reduces industrial-specific threats, and improves the ROI of security tools making the Industry 4.0 journey safer.

Integration Benefits

  • Reduces risks and supports the operation personnel to make the best use of their resources with CSP’s intrusion prevention 
  • Provides mitigation playbooks that are suitable for the unique needs of the operational network
  • Delivers advanced risk assessment based on correlations between CSP alerts and data and events from multiple security and industrial systems


Use Case Examples:

Vulnerable and rogue devices

By correlating Symantec™ CSP events with asset inventory information, RAM2 creates alerts about gaps in endpoint protection. When new assets are detected by RAM2, it means that the host is not protected. This information is used to identify rogue devices and increases the need for mitigation. RAM2 assesses risk assessment and prioritization based on asset vulnerabilities.

Malware outbreak

RAM2 monitors events that are generated by CSP for industrial malware detection and analyzes them within the operational context. Malicious attacks that affect multiple assets within an operational unit increases the security risks. Detecting an infection within multiple operational units indicate that an uncontained attack is spreading in the network and requires immediate mitigation.

OTORIO's RAM2 Solution

OTORIO's Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Management platform (RAM2) is a next generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and SIEM platform. RAM2 was designed to provide cybersecurity and digital risk management capabilities in converged IT/OT/IoT environments comprising hundreds of multi-protocol devices.



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