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RAM² - Trend Micro Integration

OTORIO RAM2 helps you mitigate cyber risks. The RAM2 integration with Trend Micro keeps your networks secure and identifies and mitigates cyber threats before they can cause damage. 

OTORIO facilitates an integration with their Industrial SIEM & SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) platform, RAM2, and Trend Micro’s Deep Security™, enabling the smart prioritization of threat mitigation.

Use Case Example:

Detection of malicious remote connections

By using machine learning algorithms, RAM2 correlates malware detection events from Trend Micro’s Deep Security™ with information about the remote connection received from the firewall. RAM2 is able to identify malicious patterns and assign them with the needed risk level based on the asset type, the operational process it serves, and its vulnerabilities. This automated analysis results in the identification of the threat, a description of its components, and a playbook for its remediation.

Integration Benefits

  • Generates alerts to reduce cyber risks based on their business impact on operations
  • Offers full visibility and continuous monitoring of changes in the OT network
  • Provides risk management by detecting suspicious activities and rouge devices
  • Keeps networks secure by generating industrial infection alerts


OTORIO’s RAM2 Solution

OTORIO RAM2 is a next generation security platform. It was designed to provide cybersecurity and digital risk management capabilities in converged IT/OT/IoT environments comprising hundreds of multi-protocol devices.


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