Ransomware and Operational Resilience: A Guide to Securing Your Business



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OTORIO’s Benefits

  • Ability to conduct a safe operational security posture assessment without disturbing ongoing operations.
  • Improved ROI on pre-existing security controls and solutions by leveraging existing technology investments.
  • A comprehensive security assessment report, providing senior management with a full picture of the company’s OT cyber security posture.
  • Quick risk mitigation and hardening of site-specific OT network risks and vulnerabilities.
  • The company went from only relying upon detection to adopting a continuous, proactive risk-based assessment, mitigation, and management strategy to secure its OT environment.

Practical recommendations to minimize ransomware attacks and ensure operational resilience in today's dynamic OT landscape.

Ransomware preparedness is a vital aspect of operational resilience, as it helps organizations minimize the impact of attacks, recover swiftly, and maintain stakeholders' trust in a continually evolving cybersecurity landscape.

The connectivity and interdependence of OT systems enable efficient communication between various industry and infrastructure devices. This positively impacts organizations through improved operational efficiency,
data-driven decision-making, remote monitoring, and control of industrial processes.

Digitalization and interconnected OT systems offer numerous benefits but also bring about challenges like data risk, privacy concerns, and system reliability issues. The resulting lack of operational resilience can lead to disruptions or compromises that seriously impact business, public safety, and national security.

The purpose of this guide is to provide practical recommendations to help you protect your OT environment using a proactive approach that organizations can adopt to minimize the business impact of cyber attacks, expedite recovery, and uphold stakeholder trust in today's ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

The Rise of Ransomware Threats

Ransomware is a prevalent type of malware in which attackers infiltrate computer systems or data and demand ransom in exchange for granting the victims access to their own systems and files. Organizations often feel forced to cave into the pressure to regain access to the files, avoid data theft, and maintain operations.

The convergence of IT and OT is necessary but has also increased the attack surface. The growing threat of ransomware attacks has reached new levels in recent years and poses a particular concern to the security of OT systems. Ransomware attackers deliberately target critical industrial infrastructure because the risk of disrupting essential services increases their likelihood of extorting ransoms. As profitability increased, there has been a significant transformation in the scale and sophistication of attacks.

Ransomware Impact on OT Systems

OT systems control vital energy, oil & gas, utilities, and manufacturing processes. Ransomware attacks on these systems exploit the inherent vulnerabilities in interconnected OT networks. These attacks can cause
financial loss, operational disruptions, repair costs, safety hazards, and regulatory fines. A ransomware attack on OT systems can have a rippling effect on the supply chain. Protecting OT systems from ransomware attacks is critical to the safety and reliability of economic stability, essential services, and public safety. It requires a proactive risk management approach that ensures technical and operational resilience and business continuity.

Ransomware Consequences & Recommendations

Without a proactive ransomware readiness solution in place, organizations may face any or all of the following negative consequences in the event of an attack, with our recommendations for a proactive risk management strategy:

  • Financial loss
  • Data loss
  • Operational disruptions
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Reputation damage
  • Legal and regulatory consequences
  • Resilience and business continuity
  • Employee and stakeholder confidence


Learn how OTORIO facilitates a combination of technology, people, and processes to enhance operational resilience, protect critical infrastructure, and ensure that a ransomware attack on your data integrity, safety, and financial stability.

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