Safeguarding Electric Power Systems




OTORIO’s Solution



OTORIO’s Benefits

  • Ability to conduct a safe operational security posture assessment without disturbing ongoing operations.
  • Improved ROI on pre-existing security controls and solutions by leveraging existing technology investments.
  • A comprehensive security assessment report, providing senior management with a full picture of the company’s OT cyber security posture.
  • Quick risk mitigation and hardening of site-specific OT network risks and vulnerabilities.
  • The company went from only relying upon detection to adopting a continuous, proactive risk-based assessment, mitigation, and management strategy to secure its OT environment.

OTORIO proactively protects Electric Utilities and safeguards power grid reliability and resiliency.

Electrification in the digital landscape improves service reliability and sustainability for electric utilities. However, the industry faces significant cybersecurity challenges due to complex interconnected systems.

Electric utilities need to adopt operational technology security programs to mitigate risks and align security with business objectives.

OTORIO's industrial-native OT cyber risk management platform is specifically designed to safeguard the electric utilities sector. With consolidated visibility of all operational assets, business impact-driven risk prioritization, and prescriptive mitigation steps, our solution seamlessly bridges domains and functions. Electric utility companies can confidently digitize processes while upholding safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Holistic, Scalable OT Risk Management Solution

OTORIO's platform discovers and maps assets in electrical grids. This powerful tool allows precise identification of critical components like power generation plants, substations, and transmission lines. With proactive vulnerability detection and risk assessment, electric utilities can streamline compliance governance and empower security practitioners to enforce policies seamlessly. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of OT cybersecurity compliance governance while saving time and resources. Experience enhanced grid security with RAM².

Comprehensive Visibility for Enhanced Security

Transmission asset owners encounter numerous challenges, including aging infrastructure, strict operational demands, financial limitations, and a retiring workforce. Effectively maintaining and managing assets becomes increasingly difficult as a result. These owners strive for secure, dependable, resilient, and efficient operations for their transmission lines and substations. Acquiring comprehensive and precise visibility into your entire OT/ICS environment, spanning from site-level to level 0 assets, becomes crucial for success.

OTORIO's automated asset inventory and vulnerability assessments ensure accurate vulnerability management. This comprehensive visibility allows you to identify security gaps and prioritize mitigation efforts effectively.

Safeguarding Grid Reliability and Resiliency

The evolving landscape of customer expectations, regulatory and policy initiatives, extreme weather, and the imperative to incorporate distributed energy resources (DER) and advanced technologies are fueling transformations in the planning and operational approaches of distribution utilities for the grid. In response, utilities are investing in people, processes, and technology to modernize the grid and meet the utility's and its customers' future needs.

OTORIO’s RAM² enables impact-driven prioritization of the most critical risks in the smart grid environment, providing actionable prescriptive mitigation guidance tailored to electric utility's operational environments.

By creating a common language between stakeholders, OTORIO’s platform facilitates collaborative risk mitigation efforts and enhances operational resilience.

Expedited Compliance Assessment Process

Security practitioners must conduct efficient security posture and compliance assessments, whether for a single asset or an entire operational network. OTORIO’s platform provides out-of-the-box compliance assessment capabilities, supporting adherence to industry security standards such as NERC CIP, NIST 800-82, IEC 62443, NIS2, and more. 

OTORIO's RAM², you can obtain overall compliance scores, detailed deviation information, and remediation instructions, significantly reducing the time and effort required to generate assessment documentation.


Read the full solution brief to understand how OTORIO benefits security and operation engineers

• Continuous security posture visibility and improvement

• Mitigate cyber and digital risks before they become breaches

• Detection of ongoing attacks and fast response

• Continuous compliance fulfillment