Use Cases

Use Case: OTORIO RAM² for Electric Utilities

Today’s Electric Utilities Challenges

Electric utilities – those handling power generation, distribution, transmission and everything in-between - are arguably the most critical of critical infrastructure providers. Lives and livelihoods literally depend on the provision of safe, reliable, and affordable electric power.

Today, grid automation and transformation to smart grids make the monitoring, management, and maintenance of electric utility assets more effective and profitable than ever. Yet even as increased connectivity advances the utility business, it also broadens the network attack surface – making today’s utility networks massively more exposed to cyberattacks. From power interruptions to large-scale industrial accidents – these attacks endanger employees and customers alike.

Understanding this hazardous potential, governments have published new, stringent regulations. Energy companies must comply with an increasing number of government-mandated cybersecurity policy frameworks, including NERC CIP, NIST CSF, IEC-62443 and more.

OTORIO : Proactively Protecting Electric Utility OT Networks

Specially designed for utility-grade OT networks, OTORIO protects the safety of electric utility employees and customers with proactive digital risk avoidance. Our digital risk management solution, RAM², enables utilities to meet the highest cybersecurity standards and ensure compliance with emerging and existing regulations for OT digital safety and cybersecurity.