Discussing the 2022 OT Cybersecurity Report


Cyberattacks on OT environments and their supply chain are getting more frequent and more successful. Watch this eye-opening webinar that discusses key findings from our 2022 OT Cybersecurity Survey Report. The webinar was hosted by Dave Cullen, Field CTO at OTORIO and a veteran of the industrial cybersecurity market.


Key findings include:
- 67% of CISOs in critical industries report risks have increased significantly since 2019.
- Over 90% of CISOs in the Energy Sector say they experienced a Supply-Chain-Attack
in the past 12 months.
- The majority of companies surveyed plan to increase their OT cybersecurity budgets by
50% in 2022.


Watch the recorded webinar and learn more about:
- How are these trends impacting your organization?
- How do other organizations plan to deal with the increasing risks and challenges?
- What are the first steps organizations need to take to ensure Ongoing operational resiliency?

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