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How Andritz and OTORIO Ensure Secure Remote Access in the Pulp & Paper Industry


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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced pulp & paper manufacturers to open their environments. Granting remote access to industrial environments is the new normal in 2021, as social distancing and travel restrictions limit the physical access of employees, suppliers, and partners. The pandemic also forced manufacturers to do this transformation at an incredible pace, leaving inevitable security gaps.

With the rollout of vaccines in 2021, the economy slowly starts recovering. Unfortunately, as we have seen in the attack on one paper producer earlier this year, hackers give pulp & paper manufacturers no time to rest. This is a good time for manufacturers to review their 2021 digital transformation and make sure the solutions they are using are properly secured.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How incredibly easy it is for hackers to identify industrial targets and gain access to the production floor

  • What vulnerabilities might be exploited in remote access solutions

  • Why operations managers should care about vulnerabilities in remote access systems

  • Steps you can take right now to strengthen, harden and secure your remote access connectivity



Klaus Glatz, Chief Digital Officer, Andritz

Yael Harel, Product Marketing, OTORIO

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