Webinar - Rethinking Machinery OT Digital Security Lifecycle Management

About The Webinar

Today’s industrial machines are made from many components sourced from multiple vendors. Industrial organizations and critical infrastructure operators must trust that their machine manufacturers supply them with secure and reliable tools.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • New trends in Security by Design for OT/IIoT and digitized machinery

  • Why meeting compliance and customer contracts isn’t an OT/IIoT security posture

  • How organizations can ensure that their machines are continuously resilient

  • Real-world implementations of “machine lifetime security” solutions



Tatu Liimatainen, OT Security and Technology Architect at ANDRITZ


Mats Karlsson Landré, OT Security Advisor at AFRY


Yair Attar, CTO and Co-founder at OTORIO

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