Industrial Incident Response Services

incident response service

The World's Best Backup Strategy

Many global companies are being hit by cyber-attacks, putting them at risk of mass shutdowns of their network. When suspicious activity is detected, a quick and effective intervention is crucial. This is where OTORIO’s elite Incident Response teams come into the picture, bringing years of cyber security incident response experience in the IDF’s most ‘mission-critical’ environments.

OT cyber security incident response

Our cyber security incident response team assesses the situation quickly and works to detect and remove the attacker's presence in IT and OT networks. By discovering and eradicating malicious activity before it escalates, we strengthen the security posture of your organization.

Operational integrity

We map potential threats while keeping operational integrity at the top of your priorities. We are committed to keeping your industry up and running while we do our work.


The health and well being of your employees, your customers, and your community is first and foremost in our minds. We focus on the safety of your systems and keep your OT environments protected and stable.

Security recommendations

We provide tailor-made, security best practices that can be shared company-wide as well as cyber security incident management recommendations and threat hunting services to prevent future security incidents. 

Stay Safe During and Post Cyber Events

Contact OTORIO's Cyber Security Incident Response team to ensure the safety of the personnel and machines on your production floor.