Industrial Cyber Threat Hunting Services

Cyber threat hunting

Taking the initiative

Many companies are not aware of attackers lurking in their OT networks. In some cases, attackers were able to propagate through a victim network undiscovered for months. OTORIO has been partnering with many industrial companies on their path to identify and stop threats before they are carried out. One strategy is threat hunting. 

Threat hunting is a short term, proactive approach that looks for dormant malware and malicious activity in your OT network. If suspicious activity is identified, it quickly escalates to incident response to mitigate the risk. OTORIO identifies security gaps and deficiencies and offers remediation assistance thereby minimizing the chances of future incidents. 

Tailor-made industrial threat hunting

We look at your network and critical assets and partner with you to defend your trademark secrets and operations with threat hunting cyber security.

Examines external attack surfaces

We verify that your company’s external attack surfaces are reasonably protected and updated.

Identifies existing threats

We make sure no threat actors or malware are currently in your network. If we identify a threat, we provide mitigation steps. We discover company assets that a potential attacker might see.

Automated passive reconnaissance

You receive a list of services connected to your company, prioritized based on ease of discovery, the complexity of the service’s exploitation, and the severity of the potential impact with zero impact on the services themselves.

Take the Initiative

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