Industrial Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training

Increasing your company’s cyber security knowledge and awareness

We are seeing more and more threat actors targeting industrial organizations. The industrial sector is being hit by various types of cyber-attacks, which can shut down networks, manipulate, slow down, or halt production lines, or steal intellectual property. You can improve your security posture by understanding the risks to your network and getting the correct tools to mitigate them.

OTORIO provides on-premises and remote cyber threat intelligence training workshops for automation engineers and CERT teams. Our tailor-made courses convey ways to detect and prevent ICS Cyber security attacks and how to respond to those that already occurred. Our curriculum is designed for those who are just starting their cyber-security education as well as seasoned experts. We assess the current skill level, provide learning paths, and then work with you to achieve your security goals.

ICS Basic Orientation Training

We provide an introductory course that covers basic cyber security concepts. We cover the connection between OT and IT, the cyber risks facing companies today, and analyses of ICS related attacks and malware.

ICS Advanced Orientation Training

This course presents an overview of forensic approaches to incident response. This includes the strategy and tools to address IT and ICS communication protocols attacks as well as ICS security solutions.

Basic Threat Detection and Analysis

Based on the unique expertise of OTORIO's Incident Response team, covering attacker persistence mechanisms, evidence acquisition techniques, and reverse engineering.

Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis

This cyber threat intelligence training course presents a deep analysis of web attacks, including active directory and engineering station attacks and Linux environment forensics.

Improve Your Team's Industrial Cyber Security Competence

Contact OTORIO's industrial cyber risk training experts to equip your automation and security personnel with an understanding of cyber risks and their impact on industrial networks as well as the correct tools to mitigate them.