The Next Generation of Industrial IT/OT Security Operation Center (SOC)

The Next Generation of Industrial IT/OT Security Operation Center (SOC)

Managed industrial security operation center

Managed industrial security operation center

Managed Security Service Providers rely on OTORIO's next-generation OT/IT Security Operation Center (SOC) service. OTORIO’s full coverage starts from a local, on-site cyber security incident response management team and continues to a remote group of experts in cyber research and threat incident response, resulting in a professionally managed industrial SOC. OTORIO operational technology cyber experts help our customers to manage and monitor logs, devices, clouds, networks, and assets. OT/IT convergence is the present, not the future, and OTORIO SOC provides our customers with the necessary knowledge and skills to combat cybersecurity threats that target industrial networks. 

OT Specialists

OTORIO's SOC analysts and researchers have decades of experience defending the national mission-critical systems from both external and internal threats, which enable us to offer you the relevant OT security solutions for your industry.

Issue analysis and resolution

The SOC as a service provides real-time threat detection and incident response and rapid security intelligence to stakeholders in order to identify, investigate, prioritize and resolve issues. 

Rapid response and escalation

We identify threats early and alert local teams so that they can remediate security issues quickly, without disruptions to the factory line. This reduces the impact of an incident.

Close IT and OT gaps

Our intimate knowledge of the IT and OT world enables us to deal with sophisticated OT/IT security incidents. IT/OT convergence: we address attacks that target IT and OT environments separately or together.

Preventative measures

OTORIO partners with you to initiate remediation and mitigation steps that gets rid of attackers who are already in your industrial OT/IT system and keeps them from targeting your organization in the future.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology

An integration with RAM², OTORIO's digital risk-based management platform enables the SOC analysts to rapidly explore OT cyber alerts and events, in-depth and in real-time.

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Industrial IT/OT SOC-as-a-service
Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Management

Manage Digital Risks Together with World-leading Experts

Embrace digital risk-based management of your production floor and ensure safe and reliable digital production in an industrial OT environment.


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