Cyber Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

cyber security risk assessment

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The OTORIO industrial risk assessment process is tailored to production floor requirements. It incorporates OT threat modeling, cybersecurity penetration testing services, regulation requirements, and the management risk appetite into a cyber maturity road map. 

Our assessment team utilizes our industry 4.0 expertise to identify and prioritize the organization’s attack surfaces according to attack vectors, ease of exploitation, and potential impact on productivity, safety, and reliability.

IT/OT/IOT environment assessment

We provide a comprehensive IT-OT assessment that includes network, assets, and processes. This serves as the starting point of creating and implementing mitigation strategies.

Customized maturity roadmap for safe digital growth 

We generate a maturity roadmap, tailored for your organization’s needs, that outlines the necessary steps for your digital journey.

Compliance report 

We provide you with a report that identifies the compliance gaps and details a clear and concise plan to comply with regulatory requirements.

Red team assessments 

We use world-leading expert hacking teams to perform realistic penetration testing that simulates possible security scenarios. This adds a crucial element in determining your organization’s security posture.

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