Industrial-native Security Posture Assessment and IOT Penetration Testing

Industrial-native Security Posture Assessment and IOT Penetration Testing

Comprehensive industrial cyber security "reality check"

OTORIO’s penetration testing teams utilize nation-state, cyber-security expertise for a comprehensive security posture assessment, including hands-on reality checks, known as cyber security penetration testing by a world-class red team. OTORIO assesses the digital security posture of the production environments while applying the highest standards of "OT sensitivity" to ensure operational safety and availability.

Best in class

Elite cyber-security experts with decades of experience defending mission-critical systems equipped with proprietary technology, secure the industrial sector.

Comprehensive security posture assessment

From compliance and regulation to manpower awareness and training, OTORIO delivers  comprehensive visibility.

Customized assessment

Each customer has different demands, needs, and levels of complexity. Individual vulnerability assessment penetration testing is tailored per industry, region, and organization.

Focused mitigation report

Test results are presented in a concise report, which includes a technical gap analysis and relates them to the business processes, as well as the concise recommendations to close the gaps.

Metrics for the board and upper management

We provide a holistic view of organizational cyber exposure to stakeholders to assist them with their business decisions.

Hands-on risk simulations

Cyber and IoT Penetration Testing complements assessment paperwork and creates a real-life representation of the organization’s actual security posture.

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Get a Real-World Assessment of Your Digital Security Resilience

Contact OTORIO's penetration testing team to assess the security posture of your production floor and identify real-world weak spots in your industrial systems.


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