How To Test Security Mechanisms With Real-life IT/OT Scenarios

Join this exclusive webinar in which OTORIO's lead researchers present how to test security mechanisms with real-life IT - OT scenarios.

Testing IT security systems is a mature, well-defined field. There are best practices, procedures and a plethora of tips and information that can help IT teams inexperienced in testing security systems to hit the ground running. Testing industrial networks, AKA OT (operational technology), is a new frontier with very little information and past data to learn from.

Moreover, the lessons learned from testing IT networks cannot be transferred to the operations floor. IT systems are constantly updated, while industrial networks are often running decades-old tools. IT systems can be shut-down for testing and updates; the operations floor runs 24/7/365. Finally, the stakes in operations networks are much higher as they control physical systems that require stable values such as temperatures.


About our Speaker Matan Dobrushin:

Matan Dobrushin is the Head of Research at OTORIO. An alumnus of IDF’s elite “Matzov” unit, Matan brings years of experience serving both as a researcher and as the Head of the Mobile Incident Unit.


About our Speaker Idan Helzer:

Idan Helzer is an Cyber Security Analyst at OTORIO.


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