The Critical Infrastructure Attack That Almost Happened!

About The Webinar

Go behind the scenes in a real-life story that could have resulted with a very different ending. Hear how OTORIO’s cyber experts exposed one vulnerability that had the potential of stopping 20,000 industrial sites in their tracks.

In this one-of-a-kind webinar, you will learn:

  • Why industrial software and sites are easy targets for attacks 
  • Why the stakes in industry are much higher than in IT environments 
  • How you are only as strong as your data management platform's weak point 
  • What operations and cybersecurity teams can do to proactively protect against vulnerabilities
  • How one vulnerability nearly brought down 20,000 industrial sites 

About our Speaker Dor Yardeni:

Dor Yardeni leads OTORIO's IR and Threat Hunting services. He has over 7 years of cybersecurity experience. Dor served as a Red Team Researcher and Incident Response Team Leader in a cybersecurity unit in the Israel Defense Forces. He has vast experience dealing with critical infrastructure attacks and managing Threat Hunting operations for large-scale organizations.  Dor has a track record of detecting advanced threat actors around the globe and working with large industrial companies to mitigate ransomware attacks. 


About our Speaker Mike Lemley:

Mike Lemley began working in software development in the 1980s and has focused on the development of commercial products, with an interest in user experience. Since joining OSIsoft in 1999, he has led various development projects in the company’s data visualization tools suite. In 2013, he began focusing on cybersecurity. Since then, he has focused on working with software teams at OSIsoft to increase cybersecurity awareness and defenses in the company’s software development.


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