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Pioneering Industrial-Native OT Cyber Security

The OTORIO platform enables you to achieve an integrated, holistic security strategy for industrial control systems (ICS) and cyber physical systems (CPS). No matter where you are in your operational security journey, we’re here to help you take the next step.

Go Deeper and Richer

Our OT cyber security platform collects, analyzes, and orchestrates data from cross-domain sources within your environment (including IDS, Firewall, EDR, PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historians, Engineering systems, and more).

Empower Your Teams

OTORIO helps you establish a unified, comprehensive enterprise-wide security strategy to triage and address OT security threats faster, and with greater reliability.

Maximize ROI

Gain immediate business value, across your organization. We help you prevent downtime and financial losses through our proactive approach to risk management.

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Become an OT Cyber Security Confident Industry

Ensuring Operational Resilience

Single Governance OT Cyber Security Platform

Protection for operational networks

Our advanced asset visibility and risk management capabilities are foundational to comprehensive, end-to-end operational security. OTORIO provides the ability to see and monitor all devices, networks, and systems in your OT environment, in real-time. Our OT cyber security platform collects, analyzes, and orchestrates data from cross-domain sources within your environment (including IDS, Firewall, EDR, PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historians, Engineering systems, and more).

Complete and accurate visibility into asset inventories

Unparalleled consolidated visibility

Since OT networks provide a vast and broad attack surface, contextualized visibility is essential for operational resilience. OTORIO provides complete, accurate visibility into asset inventories combined with operational insights, including the asset’s role and impact on the environment. All prioritized alerts are risk-based on operational context, highlighting the most critical OT security risks, helping reduce the noise and clear blind spots.

Prescriptive mitigation and expert-defined remediation guidance

Clear and practical risk-mitigation playbooks

OTORIO provides risk-mitigation playbooks with clear and practical guidance defined by OT security experts to improve your MTTD and MTTR significantly. Our playbooks are uniquely tailored for OT environments and guide your teams, step-by-step, through the process to mitigate vulnerabilities, security gaps, exposures, and compliance deviations. This proactive approach empowers operational security practitioners with an actionable framework that closes OT cyber security gaps and vulnerabilities.

OT Cyber Security in Action

Making way for a safer, reliable and more productive industry

Customer Testimonials

OTORIO RAM² is the only technology that closes the gap between IT and OT networks. Its Security Automation, Orchestration and Response (SOAR) management cockpit with simplified actionable playbooks for alerts, and its compliance reporting are game changers.

EMEA CIO and Group Head of Infrastructure and Operations, FTSE 10 Multinational

We always asked for clear insights into our OT environment. OTORIO RAM² provides highly focused insights with much context, which helps us significantly improve our response time and mitigation accuracy.

Global CISO, Fortune 2000 pharmaceutical company

In our line of business, downtime is not an option. Working closely with OTORIO's services team on risk assessment, vulnerability scanning, and security awareness training for our employees, we significantly improved our security posture.

CISO at leading Latin American energy company


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